DResearch is Kontron's New PC/104 Certified I/O Partner

9/23/2002 - The acceptance of DResearch Digital Media Systems GmbH into the Kontron Certified I/O Partner Program expands the range of currently approved modules with the addition of a new function-tested PC/104 multimedia bundle for audio and video applications. This bundle is a good fit for compact PC based multimedia terminals, long-term audio/video data recording and playback, synchronous audio/video editing, video telephony and mobile audio & video applications. The newly certified PC/104 bundle consists of a market compatible Kontron MOPS PC/104 CPU board and the TriMeleon DT1304 PC/104 Plus board with TM1300 multimedia processor from TriMedia Technologies, up to 32 MBytes of SDRAM and analog audio and video I/Os.

Introduced at the beginning of the year, the Kontron Certified I/O program is designed to help OEM customers achieve a quick time to market by identifying pre-tested and approved PC/104 bundles. These bundles consist of a MOPS PC/104 CPU board pared with other manufacturers' PC/104 I/O modules such as digital and analog I/O, serial interfaces, industrial Ethernet, diverse field busses and frame grabber cards. The program is open to PC/104 I/O module manufacturers worldwide and current members include Dresearch, Diamond Systems, Applicom International, NBN, Plug-In, Vitech Multimedia and Servo Halbeck.

The MOPS PC/104 Product Family
With 19 CPU assemblies currently available, the MOPS PC/104 product family is the largest, application-oriented and scalable line of products in the world of Embedded Computer Technology, ranging from 386SX processors with 40 MHz to the mobile Intel® Pentium® III processor with up to 700MHz. All MOPS family modules are characterized by the same pinout for keyboard, COM1 and COM2, 44-pin IDE, LPT, and 1st LAN. These homogeneous features simplify upgrades within the Kontron MOPS PC/104 product family.

About DResearch
DResearch Digital Media Systems GmbH develops compact, high-performance systems and components used to record, analyze, compromise, store, transmit and decompromise picture, video and audio signals. DResearch Digital Media Systems GmbH is an authorized distributor for Momentum Data Systems in the German market. Customers are offered a wide assortment of filter design software, audio DSP hardware and TriMedia products from TriMedia Technologies Inc.

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