Baranti Designs Imaging Solution of the Year Using Xilinx Low Cost FPGAs

9/19/2002 - Xilinx announced that The Baranti Group,a Xilinx XPERTS design services provider, has utilized Xilinx® Spartan-IITM FPGAs in its latest design collaboration with Betacom. The VT300 VisAble Video Telescope, engineered by Baranti for its client, has been selected as the 2002 Advanced Imaging Magazine's "Imaging Solution of the Year". The size of a small camcorder, the VisAble Video Telescope is designed to enhance the vision of individuals with visual impairments.

Baranti selected the Spartan-II FPGA based on its low price, advanced features, and ability to be reconfigured throughout the development process. The Xilinx Spartan-II FPGA is used to implement real-time digital image processing such as contrast stretch and image reversal from an embedded camera. This flexible platform enables interactive testing and upgrading of algorithms such as image inversion and edge as they are confirmed to be beneficial through clinical trials. Baranti is just one of many companies utilizing Xilinx low cost FPGAs for digital video technology applications.

"The ability to modify our design with updated video processing algorithms as they are tuned with different parameters is very important," said Barry Papoff, president and chief executive officer at Baranti. "In addition, the Xilinx ISETM software provided an easy-to-use, integrated development environment with powerful features."

"Baranti's design work in Betacom's latest video telescope for the vision impaired is another great illustration of the level of integration and capabilities that Xilinx delivers," said Robert Bielby, senior director of Strategic Solutions at Xilinx.

About the VisAble VT300 Video Telescope
The VT300 VisAble Video Telescope is the first handheld device meant to enable such everyday tasks as shopping and crossing the street. The size of a small camcorder, the VisAble Video Telescope provides features such as variable magnification, minification, auto light control, and contrast enhancement. The display device is an 800 by 600 pixel LCOS micro display, providing full color, full motion video on a quarter inch display. The electronics were engineered by the Baranti Group, under contract to Betacom Corporation, who invented the product and engineered the enclosure and optics.

About Baranti
Baranti is an award-winning Electronics Design & Manufacturing services company, providing customized electronics to OEMs across North America. Baranti has particular expertise in digital video / imaging, and a portfolio including designs in broadband, computing & encryption, healthcare, automotive, and commercial / consumer products. Baranti offers full-service design through to manufacturing, powered by a multi-disciplined engineering team adept in: product architectural design, algorithm development, detailed electronic & firmware engineering, DSP, FPGAs, PCB design & packaging, prototyping, international product approvals, contract manufacturing, and product life-cycle support.

About Xilinx
Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) is the worldwide leader of programmable logic solutions.

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