Fujitsu’s Softek Launches World’s First Automated Windowless Backup and Recovery Solution for Mainframe and Open Systems

9/19/2002 - SoftekTM, a leading provider of storage management software, announced availability of the first windowless backup and recovery solution for open systems and mainframe environments that operates across direct attached storage (DAS), network attached storage (NAS) and storage area networks (SAN).

The SoftekTM Windowless Backup and Recovery Solution automates data storage management processes associated with traditional backup to eliminate an enterprises' backup window. This substantially improves the probability of achieving a 100-percent compete data recovery in the event of a system failure. A backup 'window' is the period of time, typically ranging from one to eight hours, in which applications are unavailable because server and network resources need to be shut down to maintain the integrity and reliability of the backup.

The Softek Windowless Backup and Recovery Solution eliminates application downtime by establishing automated windowless backup processes in which an enterprises' existing backup software is integrated with SoftekTM Storage Manager software, thereby establishing a true multi-vendor windowless backup for both SAN and DAS environments.

The Softek Solution operates across AIX, HP/UX, Solaris, Windows, and OS/390 operating systems and supports integration with the leading data management software vendors, including Veritas' Netbackup, Legato's Networker and IBM/Tivoli's TSM. Direct support is also provided for business critical applications, such as Oracle databases, Exchange Servers, and SQL Servers.

"Although the individual tools used to perform windowless backup and recovery have been around for many years, the added value delivered by the Softek solution greatly reduces adoption risk by automating the steps for successful backup and restore, along with easy-to-follow processes for solution planning, implementation and operation," said Nick Tabellion, chief technology officer at Softek.

"Our solution exposes, and now solves, one of the industry's 'dirty little secrets' that is now at crisis levels in the majority of enterprise data center environments: backups are either incomplete or are 'fuzzy'—which puts accurate recoverability in question. Our approach leverages the power of Softek replication technology to make consistent backups with minimal down-time a reality, with processes that make it easy to plan, implement and operate."

Business benefits of the Softek Windowless Backup and Recovery Solution include:

"Softek Windowless Backup and Recovery differs from existing options in at least five ways," said John McArthur, group vice president of International Data Corp.'s storage research program. "This solution keeps track of changed data only, has a rapid restore capability, is cost-effective and host-independent, and you don't have to double up your storage resources."

During operation, the Softek Windowless Backup and Recovery Solution:

The Softek Windowless Backup and Recovery solution is available now, with full configurations beginning at approximately $10,000. The Solution is immediately available for Solaris and Windows operating environments, with support for AIX and HP/UX available later this quarter.

As a collection, Softek's integrated solutions leverage customers' existing storage assets to support the high availability of business-critical applications. Softek's first integrated solution, introduced last month, improves enterprise space utilization. Other solutions, which will become available over the next six months, will auto provision storage to application servers and provide long distance disk mirroring and remote disaster recovery.

About Fujitsu's Softek
Softek delivers the first powerful alternative to traditional storage management. The company offers a complete suite of storage management software, which operates across multiple storage vendors and platforms allowing customers to realize best-in-class ROI from their storage assets. Softek offers storage management solutions in storage resource management, storage provisioning, SAN management, data migration, replication, backup, disaster recovery/business continuance and quality of service monitoring. Based in Sunnyvale, Calif., Softek is backed by the financial strength of Fujitsu Limited.

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