The MathWorks Integrates MATLAB Analysis Software With Tektronix’ Open Windows Oscilloscopes

9/19/2002 - The MathWorks announced the results of its collaborative effort with Tektronix to provide MATLAB and the Instrument Control Toolbox on Tektronix' open Windows oscilloscopes. The MathWorks and Tektronix will provide engineers and scientists with the ability to have direct access to MATLAB algorithms and applications within the open Windows oscilloscope environment. With MATLAB resident on the oscilloscope, users can directly apply advanced analysis and visualization techniques to their data as it is collected and eliminate several steps from the traditional test, measurement and analysis process. This combined technology enables faster development time and increased productivity for engineering professionals.

Starting today, thirty-day fully functional evaluation versions of MATLAB and the Instrument Control Toolbox along with application-specific demonstrations will now be included in all open Windows oscilloscopes, including Tektronix' TDS5000 Series, TDS/CSA7000 Series, and TDS6604. Starting in November, the evaluation versions will also be available with the TDS/CSA8000B Series. Current Tektronix open Windows oscilloscope users may also request the evaluation.

"At Tektronix we are committed to providing our users with the tools they need to get their work done and speed their time to market. MATLAB is an important component for today's engineering and test applications," said Colin Shepard, Vice President and General Manager, Oscilloscope Product Line, Tektronix. "By integrating MATLAB on our open Windows oscilloscopes, users are equipped with direct access to a leading software environment for data analysis and visualization."

"The integration of measurement hardware and analysis software is essential to meet the challenging and growing demands faced by engineering professionals," said Richard Rovner, Vice President of Marketing at The MathWorks. "The combination of MATLAB with the Tektronix open Windows technology enables engineers to perform in a single environment what previously required multiple separate components and serial steps."

MATLAB has long been the de facto standard for analysis, visualization and modeling among engineering and scientific professionals. The Instrument Control Toolbox enhances the MATLAB environment by providing a direct, easy-to-use interface to test and measurement devices. By combining the power and flexibility of MATLAB with the advanced capabilities of the Tektronix open Windows oscilloscopes, engineers and test and measurement professionals are now able to directly exchange data, custom waveforms and algorithms. Users can also create custom analysis and visualization applications for automated measurement of test data. This combined technology enables faster development time and increased productivity for engineering professionals.

About Tektronix
Tektronix, Inc. is a test, measurement and monitoring company providing measurement solutions to the communications, computer and semiconductor industries worldwide. With more than 55 years of experience, Tektronix enables its customers to design, build, deploy and manage next-generation global communications networks, computing and advanced technologies. Headquartered in Beaverton, Ore., Tektronix has operations in over 20 countries worldwide.

About The MathWorks
The MathWorks is the world's leading developer of technical computing software for engineers and scientists in industry, government, and education. With an extensive product set based on MATLAB and Simulink, The MathWorks provides software and services to solve challenging problems and accelerate innovation in automotive, aerospace, communications, financial services, biotechnology, electronics, instrumentation, process, and other industries. The MathWorks was founded in 1984 and employs more than 1000 people worldwide, with headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts.

MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow, Handle Graphics, and Real-Time Workshop are registered trademarks, and Target Language Compiler is a trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.

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