Synopsys Introduces TetraMAX TenX

9/18/2002 - Synopsys, the technology leader for complex integrated circuit (IC) design, announced the latest addition to the TetraMAX® ATPG family, TetraMAX TenX. TetraMAX TenX provides distributed processing for automatic test pattern generation (ATPG). Distributing compute-intensive ATPG tasks across multiple central processing units (CPUs), workstations and servers helps accelerate ATPG for the largest and most complex designs, thereby reducing manufacturing test development time and lowering the overall cost of test.

"TetraMAX consistently provides the best runtimes available for the level of test coverage that we require — but we continue to push the ATPG performance envelope," said Amar Guettaf, DFT engineer at Broadcom Corporation. "Using the distributed capabilities of TetraMAX TenX, we were able to accelerate the ATPG runtime for our latest digital video chip and reduce our manufacturing test development time from two days to less than three hours without any noticeable increase in test pattern size. We found the TetraMAX TenX distributed processing features to be easy to include in our existing TetraMAX flow, and verified patterns on silicon without any problems."

TetraMAX TenX distributed processing can accelerate ATPG runtime by a factor of 10 when using 12 to 16 processors, and is supported for all TetraMAX ATPG modes, including sequential modes for designs with testability issues. Distributed processing is also supported for TetraMAX DelayTest, which can require significantly longer runtimes than nominal stuck-at test pattern generation. TetraMAX TenX supports all TetraMAX platforms, including Solaris, HP-UX and Linux. It also supports compute-resource workload-management applications with load sharing facility (LSF).

"Synopsys continues to deliver industry-leading test automation solutions that ensure rapid DFT closure on our customers’ latest designs," said David Hsu, director of marketing, Test Automation Products, Synopsys’ Nanometer Analysis and Test Business Unit. "Today's corporate mandates for highest test quality on system on chip (SoC) designs — without impact to the ever-shrinking market window — require that ATPG algorithms do more in less time. TetraMAX TenX’s unique distributed processing is the natural way for our customers to achieve both."

Pricing and Availability
TetraMAX TenX is an add-on to TetraMAX ATPG and is available later this month as part of the 2002.09 release. Pricing for the add-on begins at $46,550 for a one-year technology subscription license.

About Synopsys
Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq:SNPS), headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., creates leading electronic design automation (EDA) tools for the global electronics market. The company delivers advanced design technologies and solutions to developers of complex integrated circuits, electronic systems, and systems-on-a-chip. Synopsys also provides consulting and support services to simplify the overall IC design process and accelerate time to market for its customers.

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