Sun Donates More than $6 Billion of StarOffice Software to Schools

9/18/2002 - Continuing its aggressive and ongoing campaign to equip students and educators worldwide with access to open source technology, Sun Microsystems has donated more than $6 billion worth of StarOfficeTM 6.0 - a SunTM ONE open net environment software offering - to academic institutions throughout the world. Donations have already been made to the Ministries of Education in the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Chile, valued at more than $5.7 billion and reaching more than 200 million students. This week, Sun embarks on its next wave of donations in Europe which will reach an additional 18 million students, with planned donations in Africa. Reaching an unprecedented 240 million students worldwide, Sun's innovative technology solutions are enabling students to advance in the classroom environment and prepare for their future careers.

Long dedicated to the success and advancement of the world's education and research communities, Sun is offering this unequalled, no-cost licensing donation to primary and secondary schools in: France, Germany, Sweden. Through this far-reaching and ambitious initiative, StarOffice 6.0 - one of the world's leading open productivity software suites based on open source development - will become the de facto office suite of choice for students across the globe.

"Sun is reaching out to schools in order to familiarize tomorrow's workforce with the technology that will fuel their success in the global marketplace. Our goal of making Star Office 6.0 available to education institutions across the globe is to level the playing field for both students and educators so that they have access to the tools that will help them advance in the classroom and succeed in the workforce," said Kim Jones, vice president of global education and research of Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Unlike other technology vendors that lock schools into expensive licensing models, Sun is committed to giving the global education community access to the Star Office productivity suite at no cost."

The donation provides an unlimited number of user licenses of the StarOffice 6.0 open-source software package, which works across multiple platforms including Linux, Solaris and Windows operating systems. While schools using Microsoft Office have been locked into stringent licensing policies and limited user access, Sun's global donation initiative is tasked with providing as many students and teachers as possible a choice in technology.

StarOffice 6.0 offers a complete set of tools, including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, image editing and drawing programs. Based on its licensing model and ability to work across platforms, deployment of StarOffice 6.0 is cost effective and allows academic institutions to deliver productivity- and creativity-enhancing tools to advance student learning, while keeping limited budget dollars focused on the students.

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