e.Digital And Liquid Audio Join Forces To Enhance Consumers' Internet Music Experience

9/18/2002 - e.Digital announced that it will use Liquid Audio’s music player on its soon-to-be-launched music Web site. Using Liquid Player software, e.Digital’s customers will be able to stream, download, and purchase tracks from a wide variety of artists in many leading formats, including Liquid and Windows MediaTM Audio (WMA).

"Liquid Audio has the largest catalog of secure digital downloads available on the Internet today. They will provide our customers with a one-stop-shop for playing, downloading, and purchasing digital music from its vast catalog featuring 200,000 tracks and content from more than 1,900 record labels," said Bryan Jones, Vice President of Broadband Entertainment for e.Digital. "Our listeners will be able to download thousands of tracks, along with album art, liner notes, and other metadata using Liquid Player software. Our partnership with Liquid will also enable us to share e-commerce opportunities by leveraging their massive music collection," Jones added.

"Liquid Audio’s technology makes it easy for consumers to download and burn their favorite music digitally," said Gerry Kearby, president and CEO of Liquid Audio, Inc. "Through our partnership with e.Digital we will be able to provide their avid music fans with access to volumes of content for their portable e.Digital digital audio players," he added.

Liquid Audio provides software and services for Internet music delivery. Its solutions enable musicians, record labels, Web sites, music retailers and other businesses to publish, distribute and sell music online with copy protection and copyright management.

About Liquid Audio
Liquid Audio, Inc. is a leading provider of software, infrastructure and services for the secure digital delivery of media over the Internet. The Liquid Audio solution gives content owners, Web sites and companies the ability to publish, syndicate and securely sell digital media online with copy protection and copyright management. Using the LiquidTM Player software, available for free download at www.liquidaudio.com, consumers can preview and purchase downloadable music from hundreds of affiliate Web sites in the Liquid Music Network.

About e.Digital (www.edig.com)
e.Digital Corporation designs, licenses, brands, manufactures, and sells digital audio products and technologies. The company's trademarked digital audio players include the MXPTM 100, TreóTM portable digital jukebox line, SilhouetteTM ultra-slim MP3-CD player, and OdysseyTM line of flash- and hard disk drive-based players. The company also offers an engineering partnership for the world’s leading electronics companies to link portable digital devices to PCs and the Internet. e.Digital develops and markets to consumer electronics manufacturers complete end-to-end solutions for delivery and management of open and secure digital media with a focus on music, voice and video players/recorders, and automotive infotainment and telematics systems. Other applications for e.Digital’s technology include portable digital music players and voice recorders; desktop, laptop, and handheld computers; PC peripherals; cellular phone peripherals; e-books; video games; digital cameras; and digital video recorders. Engineering services range from the licensing of e.Digital’s patented MicroOSTM file management system to custom software and hardware development, industrial design, and manufacturing services.

e.Digital is a trademark of e.Digital Corporation. Liquid, Liquid Audio and Liquid Player are trademarks of Liquid Audio, Inc.

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