Compuware Ships DevPartnerDB 4.1 for Microsoft SQL Server

9/17/2002 - Compuware announced the availability of the latest version of its industry-leading stored procedure debugging workbench for Microsoft SQL Server. DevPartnerDB 4.1 for Microsoft SQL Server is a comprehensive application development tool for building, debugging and monitoring stored procedures. The product accelerates the development of reliable, high-performance applications by providing developers with the ability to perform proactive debugging of Transact SQL with application context and simple stored procedure performance profiling. This gives developers a clear understanding of exactly what the application is executing on the database, significantly reducing development time and helping them quickly deliver more reliable applications.

One of the new features in DevPartnerDB is stored-procedure performance profiling. Now developers can use the performance profiler to pinpoint slow-running stored procedures on the database by tracking and evaluating the efficiency of their queries and stored procedures. The DevPartnerDB performance profiler enhances the capabilities of the Microsoft SQL Server profiler by providing a simple method for application developers to evaluate stored procedure performance in their application.

DevPartnerDB also extends support for Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Building upon the features from version 4.0, DevPartnerDB 4.1 enhances XML support and implementation, giving developers a smooth transition to Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

"Compuware’s DevPartnerDB tool for SQL Server increases database developer productivity with tools for stored procedure creation, debugging and deployment," said Eric Brown, product manager for SQL Server at Microsoft Corp. "DevPartnerDB for SQL Server is well-thought-out and intuitive to use."

DevPartnerDB simplifies debugging by allowing developers to control program execution, modify program variables and solve multiple problems from a single, integrated workbench. Developers can quickly and easily observe the execution of all Transact SQL statements within the context of their application, including those statements executed automatically by the database.

"Not knowing what is actually occurring on the database can be a painstaking task for a developer debugging an application," said Shari Zedeck, Director of Product Management for the Compuware DevPartner and DriverStudio product families. "With DevPartnerDB 4.1, application developers gain a much better understanding of how their application is interacting with the database and can debug Transact SQL stored procedures quickly and easily, ensuring the development of more reliable applications."

DevPartnerDB 4.1 for Microsoft SQL Server supports Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000. It is currently available at a U.S. price of $800.

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