Wind River Advances Interactive Digital Television with Enhanced Embedded Graphics and PersonalJava Products

9/16/2002 - Wind River Systems, a leading provider of software and services for creating connected devices, is releasing the next generations of its WindMLTM embedded multimedia graphics package and JWorksTM PersonalJavaTM operating environment software. WindML and JWorks PersonalJava are fundamental building blocks for interactive digital television (iDTV) products. Combined with Wind Riverís market-leading VxWorks® real-time operating system (RTOS), Tornado® development tools, networking software and hardware bring-up tools, iDTV manufacturers are able to rapidly develop integrated digital TVs and set-top boxes.

Despite the current downturn in consumer spending, analysts predict considerable growth for the iDTV market. "The digital television market is expected to reach 225.8 million households by the end of 2006, an approximate increase of 128 percent from today," said Alison Bogle, Research Analyst, Intex Management Services (IMS Research). "Wind Riverís operating systems have been more frequently utilized by the major set-top box manufacturers than any other type of set-top box operating system, with nearly 50 percent market share. Companies in this market with feature-rich and reliable enabling technology are well poised to benefit from this market upturn."

The introduction of Wind Riverís enhanced WindML and JWorks iDTV products offer customers innovative new features including a compact and efficient graphics library and Java AWT stack, higher performing Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and seamless user interface interoperability between non-Java and Java applications.

"These latest enhancements to key components of our iDTV development solution provide customers with the most comprehensive and reliable iDTV platform in the industry," said Joerg Bertholdt, director of marketing for Wind Riverís Digital Consumer group. "By freeing consumer electronics manufacturers from the concerns and complexities of developing interoperable embedded systems, they can focus their engineering talent on keeping ahead of the competition with continuous product enhancements."

Wind Riverís iDTV development solution enables manufacturers and service providers to deliver exciting new iDTV applications for the open Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) standard. The MHP standard links the broadcasting and Internet worlds together by enabling digital content providers to address all types of terminals ranging from low-end to high-end set top boxes, integrated digital TV sets and multimedia PCs. Through MHP, enhanced broadcasts, interactive broadcasts and Internet content from different providers can be accessed through a single device.

Enabling Solutions for the Entire Development Cycle
Wind Riverís complete hardware/software solution provides integrated building blocks for virtually every step of iDTV development, ensuring that engineering teams can rapidly develop and deploy their iDTV products. VxWorks® board support packages (BSP) are available for the leading iDTV segment-specific semiconductor development boards, ensuring quick time-to-productivity. Wind Riverís Tornado® integrated development environment and visionICETM II on-chip-debug emulator enables BSPs to be modified with additional device drivers implemented, downloaded, and debugged for custom hardware. In addition, the hardware development team can use the visionICE II emulator for base product validation. And finally, runtime software including the VxWorks® RTOS, WindMLTM graphics package, and JWorksTM Java operating environment serve as the ideal foundation for software application development.

WindML 3.0 will be available this fiscal quarter and JWorks 4.1 will be available later this year. Both products, as well as Tornado 2.2, VxWorks 5.5, and visionICE II will be available for the MIPS, PowerPCTM, Hitachi SuperHTM, ARM, Intel® XScale® and IA32 architectures.

About WindML
WindML (Wind River Multimedia Library) dramatically reduces the time-to-market for developing device drivers that support graphics, video and audio technologies. WindML provides an integration layer for user interface technologies and applications. Certified integrations such as the ACCESS NetFront® embedded Internet browser, Agfa Monotypeís iTypeTM embedded font engine and Zi Corporationís eZiText® text input solution are available through the WindLink partner program. WindML device drivers are enhanced with the ability to support multiple video and graphics layers combined into one on-screen image. WindML can be used standalone for low-end applications or as the base graphics technology for high-end applications in combination with Wind Rivers' Java technology or the native C++ Zinc application framework.

About JWorks
JWorks is an embedded PersonalJava operating environment that expands the capabilities of Wind Riverís VxWorks RTOS to take advantage of Javaís "write once, run anywhere" Internet readiness, security, and dynamic extensibility. JWorks is based on Insignia Solutionsí high performance Jeode EVMTM JVM with Dynamic Adaptive Compilation (DAC) technology, optimized start-up time and reduced memory consumption. JWorks offers flexible, scalable, pre-integrated, and validated PersonalJava software components to enable faster time-to-market for iDTV products. PersonalJava is the foundation for the leading open-standards for interactive DTV application APIs, such as the DVBís Multimedia Home Platform (MHP), and CableLabsí Open Cable Application Platform (OCAP).

About Wind River
Wind River is a worldwide leader in embedded software and services for creating connected smart devices. Wind River provides software development tools, real-time operating systems, and advanced connectivity software for use in products throughout the Internet, telecommunications and data communications, digital imaging, digital consumer electronics, networking, medical, computer peripherals, automotive, industrial automation and control, and aerospace/defense markets. Wind River is How Smart Things ThinkTM. Founded in 1983, Wind River is headquartered in Alameda, California, with operations worldwide.

Wind River Systems, the Wind River Systems logo and How Smart Things Think are trademarks of Wind River Systems, Inc., and VxWorks is a registered trademark of Wind River Systems, Inc.

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