NComm and Dallas Semiconductor Announce First Complete T3/E3 Interface Solution

9/16/2002 - NComm and Dallas Semiconductor announced a complete hardware/software solution for T3/E3 WAN interfaces. The joint solution provides communications equipment developers with a turnkey product for adding T3 and/or E3 transmission interface capabilities to telecommunications and data communications platforms. It enables the equipment maker to quickly add functionality to its systems with proven, standards-compliant WAN interfaces without the cost and risk associated with in-house Layer 1 engineering development. With common hardware and multifunctional software for both T3 and E3, for the first time a single product can have access to the worldwide market, achieving significant economies in development, manufacturing and inventory expense.

"The communications equipment market has never been more competitive than it is today, and vendors are seeking to concentrate on their core competency and differentiators. At the same time, companies are seeking new revenue sources in the international markets. The joint Dallas/NComm solution enables them to take advantage of the new market opportunities, and remain focused on their core technology, by providing a turnkey and risk-free solution for both T3 and E3 transport interfaces. And it is all obtained with the best possible economics," said John Brandte, vice president of business development for NComm, Inc.

T3/E3 is attractive to carriers as a high-speed transport choice because it carries both voice and data traffic, aggregates the popular T1/E1 transports with technical ease, and fits well with legacy- as well as packet-based technologies. It can be either channelized or unchannelized, giving the retail carrier the option to address both the mid-size and large business markets economically.

"With E3ís rising demand in the South American and Asia/Pacific markets, equipment vendors are finding new market opportunities that require their platforms to interface with E3 networks," said Mike Smith, Managing Director, Communications Business Unit of Dallas Semiconductor. "Dallas Semiconductorís best-in-class WAN framer products together with NCommís proven management software let them capitalize on that market opportunity by providing a complete solution for adding the T3, E3 or combined T3/E3 interfaces to voice and data platforms."

Pricing for the Dallas Semiconductor DS3112 T3/E3 Framer starts at $71.56 (resale, 1000 pieces, FOB USA). Pricing for the NComm T3/E3 software license starts at $20,000.

Dan Tuck, Chief Technology Officer at Paragon Networks said, "Paragon Networks chose the NComm/Dallas solution as a way to more quickly add T3/E3 functionality to our products. Time to market is critical to our continued success and leveraging off the shelf technology where possible decreases our development time and costs. It also allows us to focus our internal development resources on features and functionality that are unique to our products and market. We are pleased with the completeness and standards compliant results of integrating the Ncomm/Dallas technology into our products."

About NComm TMS
NCommís Trunk Management Software (TMS‘) portfolio of products includes T1, E1, T3, E3 and SONET technologies and soon will include SDH. Portable to any operating system, NComm provides its TMS customers with a fully functional device driver to interface with any industry standard framer.

About NComm
NComm provides network equipment vendors with proven, standards-compliant Wide Area Networking (WAN) source code, software, and custom engineering. Its TMS trunk management suite enables faster time-to-market for network systems by reducing the development time for WAN interfaces from months to hours. The suite includes the turnkey software and source code to embed into WAN equipment, which performs all the framer, alarming, performance monitoring, line testing, and signaling functions that all WAN devices or products must have to operate. NComm, privately held and based in Salem, Hew Hampshire, has customers ranging from start-ups to well-established communications companies such as ADC (NasdaqNM:ADCT), Nortel (NYSE:NT), and Sonus (NasdaqNM:SONS).

About Dallas Semiconductor
Dallas Semiconductor offers a complete line of communication products that fulfill the demands of the rapidly growing telecommunications world. Dallas/Maximís state-of-the-art products pack density, versatility and performance in a small package. These devices provide highly integrated solutions for applications including T- and E-carrier, broadband, wireless base stations, optical and copper Internet infrastructure, DSL access equipment, voice-over-IP and a wide variety of other high-speed applications around the world. Dallas/Maxim T/E Carrier products include high performance line interface units (LIUs), multi-port framers, and high-density single chip transceivers (SCTs).

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