Nissan Selects I-Logix' Statemate MAGNUM Tool Chain for Complete Model Based Development Process of Body Electronics Systems

9/16/2002 - I-Logix announced that Nissan plans to utilize Statemate MAGNUMTM and Rhapsody® in MicroC as an integrated tool chain, providing an advanced model based development process from requirements to code. Nissan selected the I-Logix tool chain for its ability to improve communication with their suppliers through graphical specification, eliminate re-work by validating the system throughout the development process, and the ability to facilitate re-use of specifications in Nissan's Body Electronics System Specifications development process. They are able to do this with the I-Logix tool chain while providing a more rigorous testing environment, thus improving quality and reducing time to market.

Nissan will use Statemate MAGNUM for requirements capture and analysis, specification development and validation, and test development. Statemate MAGNUM fully supports advanced model based development, including formal verification and automatic test-vector generation, which enables Nissan to generate test cases up front during the requirements capture and specification phases. Due to the critical nature of many Body Electronics Systems, Nissan will implement Statemate MAGNUM ModelCheckerTM to ensure that the design meets systems requirements. The automatic debugging functionality confirms that the specification models are accurate and complete. Using the Statemate MAGNUM Automatic Test Generator㤠(ATG), Nissan plans to automate the generation of test vectors that will be used at various stages throughout the development process, virtually guaranteeing that designs satisfy requirements, before actually building the physical prototype or production unit.

Once Nissan has completed the requirements portion of the design, their vision is to hand graphical specification models, test vectors and automatically generated text specifications created in Statemate MAGNUM to external suppliers. By passing the graphical models, Nissan enables a truly concurrent engineering process. This reduces the ambiguity common in textual based specifications by allowing the engineers to visualize the design while they operate, debug and validate that it functions and behaves correctly. The supplier is able to read the Statemate MAGNUM models directly into Rhapsody in MicroC where the software design process takes place. Once the design is complete, code will be automatically generated and validated on the target processor (ECU). Nissan plans to use the original Statemate MAGNUM models and test vectors both for unit and systems testing of the ECU delivered by the supplier.

"With Statemate MAGNUM, Nissan is able to improve communications with our foreign suppliers by providing clear and concise specifications. We are now able to communicate on a common graphical level, ensuring that specifications are understood and reducing time to market," said Hideo Takai, Electronics System Engineering Department Manager, Nissan. "In addition to the time savings and improved quality achieved through better supplier communication, our vision is to significantly reduce the amount of time we spend manually creating test scenarios by using Statemate MAGNUM ATG. We anticipate that the use of a common tool chain from requirements to finished ECU will have an immense impact on our productivity."

Statemate MAGNUM is a graphical design, simulation and prototyping tool for the rapid development of complex embedded systems. It enables engineers to graphically capture their system requirements, specifications, and designs using a combination of the Unified Modeling Language and traditional functional design notations. The graphical models captured in Statemate MAGNUM are simulated on the host computer allowing errors in the requirements and specifications to be discovered early in the process when they are inexpensive to fix. Statemate MAGNUM automatically generates documentation, prototype code, and test vectors, and enables corporate re-use of key systems components. Built on an open API that enables seamless integration with leading requirements traceability and configuration management tools, Statemate MAGNUM has emerged as the standard for complex embedded system development within the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries.

Rhapsody in MicroC is a visual software design and development environment for microcontrollers. Used either stand-alone or in conjunction with Statemate MAGNUM, software designs are captured graphically and validated up front before anything is built and then, based on user defined parameters, full functional production quality C Code is automatically generated.

About I-Logix (
Founded in 1987, I-Logix is a venture backed software company that provides enterprise solutions for real-time embedded applications development in the growing pervasive computing market. I-Logix solutions significantly compress systems and software development cycles while improving product quality. These products allow engineers to graphically model the behavior and functionality of their embedded systems, analyze and validate the system and automatically generate production quality code in a variety of languages. I-Logix uniquely integrates and associates the entire design flow from concept to code across an enterprise using both conventional and collaborative Web-enabled technology.

I-Logix is a member of the Object Management Group® (OMGTM), the Bluetooth SIG, the International Council of Systems Engineers (INCOSE), a founding member of the Embedded Linux Consortium and a co-author of the Unified Modeling LanguageTM (UMLTM). I-Logix is backed by Phillips Ventures BV, Needham Capital Partners, ABS Ventures, Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Gilde Investments, One Liberty Ventures and North Bridge Venture Partners. The company is headquartered in Andover, Mass., and has sales offices and distributors throughout the USA, Europe and the Far East.

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