Broadcom to Demonstrate Two-Way, High-Speed Internet Access over Satellite at the International Broadcasting Convention

9/16/2002 - Broadcom, the leading provider of integrated circuits enabling broadband communications, announced a broadband satellite system solution that enables Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) service providers to offer high-speed, cost-effective broadband services. Broadcom and Xantic, majority owned by KPN Broadcast, a leading global satellite communication provider based in Europe, are demonstrating the Broadband Over Satellite System (BOSS) at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, September 13-17, 2002.

Meeting the needs of the growing broadband satellite market, the Broadcom® BOSS offers a competitive broadband technology that allows DBS service providers, for the first time, to cost effectively deploy two-way broadband data services. Differing from competitive product offerings, BOSS incorporates well known, proven technology and products that have reached volume production in satellite and cable applications. Leveraging this existing technology results in reduced equipment and operating costs relative to existing systems.

"We are leveraging some of our most successful existing products and satellite technology to address the emerging broadband-over-satellite market," said Rich Nelson, Senior Director of Marketing for Broadcom's Broadband Communications Business Unit. "Our broadband satellite solutions will bridge the digital divide, enabling satellite service providers, including those offering direct to home service, to offer their subscribers a satellite home gateway with both video and broadband data services at competitive price points."

Broadcom's BOSS employs the BCM94555 satellite modem reference design and the BCM94138 Satellite Modem Termination System (SMTS) reference design. The BCM94138 SMTS reference design transmits data at 84 Megabits per second (Mbps) downstream, and the BCM94555 satellite modem provides an up to 1.28 Mbps return channel to the SMTS.

The reference designs incorporate Broadcom's burst receiver technology, Media Access Controller (MAC) supporting Quality of Service (QoS), and CMOS tuner technology as well as the bandwidth-efficient BCM4500 Advanced Modulation Satellite Receiver. The BCM4500 is a key component in both reference designs that implements 8PSK (Phase Shift Keying) modulation along with advanced forward error correction. This advanced chip, along with the other components, offers efficient utilization of the service provider's space segment while minimizing hardware system costs.

"Broadcom's broadband satellite products will not only be more cost-effective, but their efficiency and performance will meet or exceed those of alternative solutions," said Nelson. "Furthermore, the technology is based on standardized technology, ensuring interoperability and scalability, which are both important elements for reaching volume deployment in the broadband satellite market."

Broadcom and Xantic are demonstrating BOSS for the first time at IBC in Broadcom's booth # 1.523. The demonstration shows a live two-way broadband link using the BCM94138 SMTS at Xantic's uplink center located in Hilversum, The Netherlands. Xantic interfaces to the SMTS at 70 MHz and then up converts and amplifies the signal over a Eutelsat satellite located at 16 degrees east. Xantic is also providing the antenna and down conversion/amplification equipment at the IBC show, which interfaces to the BCM94555 located in Broadcom's meeting room. Broadcom will also have a static demonstration of the SMTS reference design at the IBC.

"We recognize the value of the Broadcom solution based both on the efficient use of space segment bandwidth and the cost effectiveness of utilizing proven, high volume silicon solutions," said Godered Jan van Notten, Product Manager of Xantic. "As a leading satellite service provider, we strive to offer both our customers and new broadband users the assurance of continuous innovation in the area of improved broadband services. With the Broadcom solution, we will be able to offer our customers a compelling and competitive solution to both their needs."

BCM94555 and BCM94138 Product Technology
The BCM94555 satellite modem reference design incorporates three established Broadcom products into a cost-effective satellite modem that brings a new level of performance to the broadband satellite market. The chips include the BCM4500 Advanced Modulation Digital Satellite Receiver, the BCM3440 CMOS Digital Satellite Tuner/Receiver and the BCM3360 High-Performance Broadband Gateway Modem.

Together, the BCM4500 and BCM3440 constitute a highly integrated, high performance chipset for reception of consumer satellite services. The BCM4500 achieves a bandwidth improvement of up to 50 percent compared to standard digital video broadcast satellite (DVB-S) transmissions in use today. The BCM3440 delivers superior performance for the direct broadcast satellite market and offers all the advantages of standard logic CMOS process.

The high-performance BCM3360 is a prime example of Broadcom's technical expertise in developing low-cost CMOS chips for broadband modems, home networking and security applications. The BCM3360 combines the functionality of a satellite modem, firewall router and home networking into a single chip. It can provide new services to consumers, such as enabling multiple PCs to be connected to a single broadband connection, more secure Internet Access via Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), Voice over IP (VoIP), home networking (Ethernet, USB and HPNA) and parental controls.

The BCM94138 Satellite Modem Termination System includes technology from multiple Broadcom product lines. In addition to the BCM4500, the BCM94138 includes Broadcom's previously announced BCM3212 Advanced Headend MAC and BCM3138 Dual Universal Advanced PHY Burst Receiver.

About Xantic
Xantic was formed by the merger between Station 12, Telstra Global Satellite, SpecTec and KPN Broadcast. By combining the knowledge, expertise and skills of four top companies, Xantic has created an unrivalled portfolio of solutions in an area known as CAT: Content, Applications and Transactions. As a result, Xantic is one of the world's leading satellite communication providers, offering high level ICT and CAT oriented solutions to all those who work in a business-to-business environment. Xantic operates three Earth Stations - two in The Netherlands (Burum, Hilversum) and one in Australia (Perth). With offices and agents in more than 29 countries, Xantic provides customers with premium service and quality, wherever they are in the world.

About Broadcom (
Broadcom Corporation is the leading provider of highly integrated silicon solutions that enable broadband communications and networking of voice, video and data services. Using proprietary technologies and advanced design methodologies, Broadcom designs, develops and supplies complete system-on-a-chip solutions and related hardware and software applications for every major broadband communications market. Our diverse product portfolio includes solutions for digital cable and satellite set-top boxes; cable and DSL modems and residential gateways; high-speed transmission and switching for local, metropolitan and wide area networking; home and wireless networking; cellular and terrestrial wireless communications; Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateway and telephony systems; broadband network processors; and SystemI/OTM server solutions. These technologies and products support our core mission: Connecting everythingTM.

Broadcom®, the pulse logo, Connecting everythingTM, and SystemI/OTM are trademarks of Broadcom Corporation and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries.

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