Tektronix Decreases Design Time by Strengthening Ability to Test Interactive Television Services

9/13/2002 - Tektronix, the world leader in MPEG-2 compressed digital video test and measurement, has added a data broadcast generator option to its MPEG test systems, which will decrease design time for customers developing interactive television products.

With interactive television (iTV) gaining a higher profile among digital TV (DTV) consumers, the significance of the technology as a key driver of DTV is now recognized. But iTV inevitably adds complexity to the DTV package. Just as methods for testing MPEG transport streams for DTV were essential, the new generation of iTV techniques requires serious test routines. The new Tektronix Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) carousel generator option for Tektronix MPEG test systems provides in-depth, off-line generation of MPEG-2 transport streams with iTV content. This functionality allows designers, R&D developers, equipment manufacturers, and traditional video operators to verify product/system design and performance, thereby decreasing design time.

The adoption of the DVB standard by many countries to launch digital television marks the success of an open-standards market and has led to the creation of a DVB iTV format-the multimedia home platform (MHP). The great attraction of DVB-MHP is the opportunity to minimize the problems in specifying set-top boxes and ease the overall transition to digital.

"Most broadcasters have committed to eventually migrate to MHP, and a number are already planning services that feature MHP," said Todd Biddle, General Manager, Video Product Line, Tektronix. "Our customers rely on us to provide innovative solutions, such as the carousel generator, to the complex challenges that today's digital technology requires. The ability to generate in-depth MPEG-2 transport streams containing data broadcast protocols will let them fully verify product design, system design, and performance for the multimedia home platform."

DVB transport streams were initially developed as means of delivering compressed audio and video services; however, the same streams and networks can also be used to provide data information. Typical examples of data broadcast applications include operating system updates being automatically received by set-top boxes, providing extended advertising information, and extended service information and program guides.

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