Support Announced for Philips 51LPC Microcontrollers

9/13/2002 - Support for the 51LPC family of microcontrollers from Philips Semiconductor is announced by iSYSTEM. The line is supported by two new PODs compatible with the company's complete line of universal PowerEmulators. The two PODs (also referred to as Probes) operate in single chip mode (utilizing the internal memory of the microcontroller) with unrestricted real time execution up to 20MHz. They operate with the iC1000, the iC2000 and the iC4000 PowerEmulators for complete in-circuit emulation with trace support.

The Philips 51LPC family of 80C51-based microcontrollers targets low-power applications where overall system cost is critical. With embedded features on the chip, the 51LPC series reduces the need for external components. Key features of the new series include full compatibility with the C51 architecture, 2x speed improvement, user-configurable oscillator, low power and low cost.

The two new PODs from iSYSTEM emulate the following microcontrollers in the 51LPC family:

With this announcement, the number of micro-controllers supported by iSYSTEM's universal emulators continues to grow at a rapid pace. Thus far, over 620 4-, 8-, 16- und 32-bit MCUs may be emulated with just the swap of a POD or a software setup. The required MCU-specific adaptations in the emulator are simply downloaded to the integrated FPGA technology within the iSYSTEM hardware. Thus the investment in hardware and the learning curve for the emulator are retained as a user migrates from one MCU to another.

All of the tools mentioned here are driven with easy-to-use winIDEA. It features a project manager, multi-file C source editor, build manager where any third party compiler can be integrated and high-level C/C++ source debugger. The winIDEA interface offers workgroup support for projects where several developers share the same project code and incorporates a C-like script language to facilitate automation and testing. The program also supports popular version control systems and RTOS debugging support. A true 32-bit application, winIDEA runs on Windows XP, NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows 95/98.

About iSYSTEM (
iSYSTEM GmbH is an international electronics company headquartered in the suburbs of Munich, Germany. Founded in 1986, the company develops and markets a broad range of development tools for embedded systems design and test. iSYSTEM in-circuit emulators and integrated development environment software help engineers create outstanding electronics delivered to the marketplace in less time. iSYSTEM products are used by tens of thousands of engineers in over forty countries worldwide. Outside of Germany, the products are sold and supported by distributors who are the embedded systems experts in their home markets. Affiliates iSYSTEM USA, iSYSTEM Scandinavia, iSYSTEM Italy and iSYSTEM Asia sell and support the company's products in those regions, respectively. Providing engineering and manufacturing support is Asyst Electronic, another iSYSTEM affiliate. Collectively, the iSYSTEM family of companies employs over 50 staff world-wide.

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