Terra Soft Signs on as Parasoft Channel Partner to offer Insure++ for Yellow Dog Linux on PowerPC

9/13/2002 - Parasoft, leading provider of Automated Error Prevention software, and Terra Soft Solutions, the leading developer of integrated PowerPC Linux solutions, announced a new channel partnership in which Terra Soft will co-market and resell Parasoft Insure++, an automated runtime error detection tool for C/C++, exclusively for Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) on PowerPC.

As the only tool of its kind available for Linux, Insure++ plays an important role in helping businesses to improve software quality, speed time-to-market and reduce development-related costs. Insure++ is an automatic run-time application-testing tool that detects elusive defects such as memory corruption, memory leaks, memory allocation errors, variable initialization errors, variable definition conflicts, pointer errors, library errors, logic errors, and algorithmic errors.

While Insure++ has supported Linux using the X86 processor for several years, recent customer feedback prompted the need to extend support to include the PowerPC processor.

"We value feedback from our customers and when we heard that there was a need for Insure++ to support PowerPC, we were happy to make that happen," said Parasoft CEO Adam Kolawa. "With Terra Soft's established customer base for Yellow Dog Linux on PowerPC, it was the perfect opportunity for us to partner and make Insure++ available to their customers."

Yellow Dog Linux is a complete, RPM-based operating system for PowerPC computers. YDL may co-exist with Mac OS or run stand-alone. YDL offers a simple to use graphical installer, KDE and Gnome, and over 1,000 packages to fulfill home/office, server, development, and HPC cluster applications. YDL supports Apple computers as old as the 7200 or as new as the Xserve.

"As YDL has matured and its user base grown, we have received requests for more advanced, professional development tools," said Kai Staats, Terra Soft CEO. "To assist with code development for PowerPC clusters, the addition of Parasoft Insure++ to the YDL family of supported products is well received, well timed, and highly valuable."

Insure++ for Yellow Dog Linux on PowerPC is currently available from Terra Soft. Pricing for a single copy is $2,995 (US).

About Terra Soft Solutions (www.terrasoftsolutions.com)
Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. is a leading developer of innovative technologies and provider of integrated HPC solutions for PowerPC. Yellow Dog Linux, the flagship product, has boosted viability of Linux on PowerPC microprocessors for a variety of platforms. Black Lab provides an HPC node creation and management suite.

About Parasoft (www.parasoft.com)
Founded in 1987, Parasoft provides Automated Error Prevention tools that help companies improve their software development processes. The Parasoft family of Automated Error Prevention tools includes Jtest, Jcontract, CodeWizard, C++Test, Insure++, WebKing, and SOAPtest. These tools assist teams working on C/C++, Java, Web, and enterprise applications to significantly reduce costs by shortening development cycles, improving overall quality and reducing time-to-market. Parasoft is a privately funded company, which has been granted eight patents and numerous awards Parasoft is headquartered in Monrovia, CA. Telephone (888) 305-0041. Fax (626) 305-3036. Email to info@parasoft.com

Parasoft and Insure++ are registered trademarks of Parasoft.

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