Equator, RCC and Dahua Combine Forces to Bring 16 Channel DVR to Security Market

9/13/2002 - Equator Technologies, a leading provider of high-performance, programmable and power-efficient system-on-a-chip processors for video streaming and image processing applications, Reality Commerce Corporation (RCC), an advanced digital video solution provider and Dahua, an original equipment manufacturer of digital video recorders (DVR) and video servers for surveillance applications, announced the availability of the industry’s first dual-channel, MPEG-4, real-time CIF encoding solution for security applications. This solution is based on the RCC-Panther-1200 software suite powered by the Equator MAP-CATM processor.

Dahua’s DH-DVR1600 product family utilizes RCC-Panther-1200 and Equator’s MAP-CA 256MHz processor for real-time MPEG-4 video encoding and decoding as well as G.729a audio encoding and decoding and a host processor for running hard disk control, network protocol stacks, multi-splitter for real view, split and user applications. The DH-DVR1600 product can support up to 16 channels of real-time MPEG-4 encoding, delivering 480 frames per second video compression at CIF 352 x 240 resolution. The DH-DVR1600 is scene adaptive, allowing up to four times savings in hard disk space over existing MPEG-1 based DVR products. In addition, it provides error resilience over packet loss, making it ideal for remote viewing over the Internet. Users can change the bit-rate and frame-rate either locally or remotely on any PC connected to an IP-based network. Both the host and compression processors are programmable, allowing field upgrades through software, prolonging the product life cycle. For example, users can choose to upgrade to 4CIF 704 x 480 (or DVD quality) image resolution.

"Security products can be built today with a range of compression technologies that provide low bit rates and high-quality resolution for specific environment settings. Equator’s BSP-15 and MAP-CA programmable processors provide unbeatable price, performance and programmability value that allows our partners and customers to provide appropriate solutions," said Avi Katz, president and CEO of Equator. "We are delighted that Dahua is able to meet today’s market needs by leveraging technology that Equator and RCC have available now."

"RCC focuses on providing software-based enabling digital video solutions for video over IP applications. Our partnership with Equator has provided us the opportunity to introduce a state-of-the-art product offering which provides our customers a cost-effective, high-performance turn-key solution, reducing their time-to-market," said Dean Bethune, president and CEO of RCC. "We are pleased to work with Dahua to provide the market a timely solution, meeting both video quality and performance requirements for surveillance product applications."

"As a leading embedded DVR provider, Dahua strives to provide cutting-edge products offering high compression ratio, full motion, multi-resolution, Internet ready solutions based on the MPEG-4 standard demanded by the surveillance market," said Jiangmin Zhu, vice president of product development of Dahua. "By selecting the Equator MAP-CA processor and the RCC-Panther-1200 software suites and leveraging Dahua’s expertise in embedded DVR product development and manufacturing, Dahua introduces the industry’s leading solution in record time to meet market demands. The partnership with Equator and RCC allows us to continue to adapt our product through software upgrades to meet the changing requirements of the fast growing digital video surveillance market."

About Equator Technologies (www.equator.com)
Equator Technologies is a leading provider of high performance, programmable, power efficient System-on-a-chip processors designed for video streaming and image processing applications across a wide range of consumer and enterprise end markets. Equator offers the BSP family of Broadband Signal Processor chips, the iMMediaTools® software development toolkit, media libraries, and reference platforms for development and deployment of video streaming and video processing systems. With more than 150 customers worldwide, Equator provides solutions to the digital media, digital video communications, video security and surveillance, digital imaging, and automotive video markets. Based on a high-performance VLIW core and optimized for video processing, the BSP-15 family of chips delivers up to 40 GOPS of video processing power. Utilizing Equator’s optimizing compiler technology; BSP-15 chips are 100% programmable in C/C++, enabling rapid deployment and field upgradeability of new applications and devices. A software programmable BSP-15 chip can replace multiple fixed-function ASICs, thereby reducing both complexity and cost of system designs. Winner of the "2001 Fabless Semiconductor Association Best Financial Performer - Private Company" award and picked by Cahners Research as the top private company on the list of 30 best small electronics companies, Equator is a recognized leader in video processing solutions. Founded in 1996, Equator is a privately held company headquartered in Campbell, Calif., with additional offices worldwide.

About Reality Commerce (www.realitycommerce.com)
Reality Commerce Corporation, a digital video solution company, provides enabling digital video technology utilizing innovative software products. The company’s software product extends beyond a single market and includes video security surveillance, video on demand, distance learning and multi-viewpoint video applications. RCC has more than 20 customers worldwide in various market segments. RCC is a privately held company and is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia.

About Dahua (www.dahuainfo.com)
Dahua, Inc. specializes in developing digital video recorder and video server products for the video security and surveillance market. With its own technical advantage in the fields of embedded structured applications, real-time operating systems (RTOS), and network protocol research. The company has become one of the most advanced video security products developers and manufacturers in China. Its main products include standalone DVR, video server, multi-splitter, communications equipment and so on which are widely used in many fields, such as electric power, bank, customer, port, traffic, police, etc. Dahua has not only gained the authorization of ISO 9001 to assure products’ quality but also the authorizations of FCC, CE, etc. The company is a privately held company and located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, People’s Republic of China.

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