Vitesse Advances Services of Metro and Regional Markets With Two New 10 Gb/s Optical Transponders

9/12/2002 - Vitesse Semiconductor announced more products in its 10 Gb/s LR-2 long reach transponder product family, VIT5208 and VIT5150. These products support the evolving requirements of service providers in the Metro and Regional markets: the ability to tune transponders at 50 GHz channel spacing; utilize C- and L-band series of wavelengths; and reach longer distances without amplification or regeneration. Vitesse's transponders allow system designers to take advantage of the dramatic new bandwidth capabilities to fiber while reducing the high cost of keeping inventories of line cards on all channels in DWDM networks. The VIT5208 provides eight-channel tunability at 50 GHz channel spacing and the VIT5150 enables 10 Gb/s SONET and 10 GbE networks to span more than 100 km.

The VIT5208 and VIT5150 combine new functionality with the industry-recognized features of Vitesse's entire family of transponders. These features include operating at a low power consumption of 9W (typical), the smallest form factor in their class (3.25" x 4.0" x 0.48"), and are geared for long reach applications (from 80 km to beyond 100 km). All Vitesse transponders allow customers the highest port density for both single and multiple applications on the same line card. They meet C- and L-band ITU grid wavelengths and ensure standards compliance by incorporating all of the features required by the 300-pin MSA and Serial Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF-SFI4-01.0) specification.

"The market excitement is to address 10 Gbps, DWDM, tunability and scalability. Vitesse is establishing a leadership position by providing products that successfully deals with the issues of extended reach, sparing and inventory costs, standards compliance and price," said Stephen Montgomery, president of ElectroniCast.

The VIT5208 meets the challenge of providing eight-channel tunability while upholding the requirements of the MSA specification. This design achievement allows OEMs to effortlessly drop in the VIT5208 as a replacement for a single channel, 10 Gb/s, MSA transponder. The VIT5208 uses a standard I2C interface allowing easy control and configuration of the transponder without costly hardware changes to the line card. Parameters such as channel selection, receiver decision threshold, and temperature alarms are accessible through a digital interface. For OEMs who require additional tunability, Vitesse will integrate full C- or L-band tunability into its transponder family as laser tuning technology matures.

The VIT5150 has less than a 2 dB optical dispersion penalty at 1600 ps/nm, a requirement for long reach (up to 100 km) Metro and Regional SONET applications. At 100 km reach, this product does not require optical (EDFA) amplification or regeneration. Pairing the VIT5150 with a Vitesse high-gain FEC, the reach can be increased beyond the standard 100 km in 10 Gb/s SONET networks.

"The VIT5150 and VIT5208 offer important new functionality for emerging LR-2 applications," said Amit Jain, vice president of the optical systems group, from Vitesse's Transport Product Division. "Vitesse's new optical transponders hit the mark with customer requirements: longer reach with higher channel counts in a smaller package, all at a lower cost and faster time-to-market."

The VIT5150 is now shipping and the VIT5208 is sampling and scheduled for production in the fourth quarter of 2002. A complete listing of products and specifications are available at Vitesse will feature the VIT5208 during ECOC in Copenhagen, September 9 - 11, 2002 (booth#24B) and at NFOEC (booth #3408) in Dallas, September 15-19, 2002.

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Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation is a leading designer and supplier of innovative, high-performance integrated circuits (ICs) and optical modules used in next generation networking and optical communications equipment. The Company's products address the needs of Enterprise, Access, Metro, Core, and Optical Transport network equipment manufacturers who demand a robust combination of high-speed, high-service delivery and low-power dissipation in their products. In concert with its broad communications product portfolio, Vitesse also develops ICs for storage area networking and enclosure management. Vitesse is headquartered in Camarillo, Calif, and operates two fabrication facilities: one in Camarillo and one in Colorado Springs, Colo. Company and product information is available by calling 1-800-VITESSE.

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