Compuware Releases Developer Solutions for Intel Itanium Processor Family

9/12/2002 - Compuware announced the general availability of DevPartner64, a debugging and automated error-detection solution for the Intel® Itanium® processor family. This product, based on award-winning products from Compuware, will enable developers using Windows XP 64-Bit Edition on the Intel Itanium processor family to accelerate the development of high-quality applications and drivers, improving time-to-market of 64-bit software.

A key component of DevPartner64 is based on Compuware BoundsChecker, an automatic error detection tool that enables C++ developers to easily identify and diagnose memory leaks, buffer overruns, pointer errors, improper API usage and a wide variety of other programming errors. The award-winning automated error- detection technology will directly impact the ability of developers to port existing code or write new 64-bit code. The result will be a greater degree of reliability in software and better predictability in development schedules for projects targeting Windows XP 64-Bit Edition and future 64-bit Windows offerings.

"Software applications requiring the memory, scalability and reliability that the Itanium processor family offers can also take advantage of a complete debugging solution that helps them develop 64-bit software quickly," said Mike Graf, Intel Itanium processor family marketing manager. "Compuware DevPartner64 is a great example of a comprehensive error detection and debugging tool that can accelerate a developer's time-to-market to take advantage of the transition to Itanium-based solutions."

DevPartner64 also introduces a 64-bit version of Compuware SoftICE, a system debugger that provides developers with an unprecedented view of all data and instructions generated by Windows XP 64-Bit Edition. Appropriate for use by both application and device driver developers, this new adaptation of SoftICE technology can assist in rapidly identifying and analyzing any type of error, from inappropriate pointer reference to invalid data. Its unique ability to follow application execution between user and kernel code provides developers with visibility into the most difficult debugging tasks.

"Compuware has always been a leader in exploiting new Intel processor technologies," said Shari Zedeck, Director of Product Management for the Compuware DevPartner and DriverStudio product families. "This product offering will enable Compuware to extend the reach of its solutions for developers of mission-critical enterprise software running on the Itanium processor family."

Application and driver developers porting software to the Intel Itanium processor family, or developing new applications targeting these new platforms need development tools to assist in meeting time-to-market requirements while ensuring the quality of software. Compuware is committed to providing comprehensive error detection and debugging solutions for this processor architecture that will enable developers to produce high quality Windows applications and device drivers.

DevPartner64 is available immediately at a U.S. price of $1,999 per seat. Volume discounts are available.

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