Compuware Introduces Functional Testing Support for SAP Web Application Server Technology

9/12/2002 - Compuware announced that Compuware TestPartner 5.1.0 has earned interface certification from SAP. TestPartner integrates with and complements the SAP testing workbench, eCATT, and provides full HTML testing support for both and non-SAP applications. Compuware’s introduction of this automated capability now means that the entire® e-business platform can be functionally tested, helping increase testing accuracy and efficiency.

Compuware, an SAP Software Partner, delivers a full offering of application testing and performance solutions. TestPartner is one of Compuware’s automated functional testing tools and part of the QACenter family of automated testing solutions. It gives companies the assurance that applications work as expected throughout development and after changes have been made during testing. Version 5.1.0 helps businesses save time and money while deploying their powerful, enterprise-wide Web Application Server-based solutions. TestPartner’s support for the e-business platform helps users create test assets quickly, easily and early in the development phase. The product also helps ensure that testing assets are shared, that integration and accuracy are complete and that testers are more productive.

"Today’s competitive business environment means that companies no longer have the option of just hoping to obtain a strong return on their enterprise IT investments," said Derek Prior, Research Director, Gartner. "Many companies will move to SAP Web Application Server applications, and automated testing solutions can really help to boost ROI and accelerate the payback of these highly integrated applications."

Compuware TestPartner integration with eCATT increases SAP testing accuracy and efficiency. Moreover, the scripting and user interface for TestPartner 5.1.0 are integrated into a single view with Because of this, a central repository exists for immediate access to all testing assets, further increasing tester productivity.

"TestPartner’s support for SAP Web Application Server reaffirms our commitment to providing customers with comprehensive ERP/CRM application support," said Mike Killian, Product Manager, Compuware Corporation. "Receiving SAP certification for TestPartner makes that commitment even stronger. It shows how serious Compuware is about providing customers with reliable, must-have application solutions."

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