CATC Enhances USBTracer/Trainer Analyzer System with Hi-Speed USB Interface to Host PC

9/10/2002 - Computer Access Technology, a communications protocol expert company and a leading provider of advanced verification systems and connectivity products for digital communications standards, announced the release of their next generation development tool, the USBTracerTM/USBTrainerTM Bus and Protocol Analyzer System. This new Hi-Speed USB host connection delivers up to 40x improvement in trace upload speeds, allowing quicker transfer of larger data collections. Additional hardware enhancements provide complete USB2.0 On-the-Go (OTG) packet capture and analysis. Post-recording analysis is enhanced with advanced packet searches. The new Trace Navigator, together with the intuitive CATC TraceTM GUI, facilitates data viewing and simplifies traffic summary reporting.

"As USB 2.0 devices continue to proliferate into new applications beyond personal computer I/O, trace files are becoming larger and more complex. In addition, OTG packet capture is an increasingly important measurement application for USB protocol analyzers," said Mark Abbas, USB Product Manager at CATC. "For these reasons, CATC has included both features in our new USBTracer and USBTrainer v1.8 release."

The USBTracer/Trainer is the fifth generation of CATC's USB bus and protocol analyzers. The USBTracer module installs in CATC's Universal Protocol Analyzer System (UPAS), allowing rapid development and testing of USB products by chip designers and system developers. The USBTrainer is a UPAS module that serves as a flexible traffic generator, enabling stress/limit testing of USB designs. Both products utilize the CATC Trace graphical user interface, designed to enhance developer ability to view bus and trace information at any level through standard drill-down techniques using convenient, understandable trace charts.

Release v1.8 of the USBTracer/USBTrainer Bus and Protocol Analyzer System includes the following features and benefits:

The CATC USBTracer/Trainer Bus and Protocol Analyzer System is available now. The USBTracer v1.8 is available as a plug-in module for CATC's Universal Protocol Analyzer System (UPAS 2500H). For pricing and hardware trade-up information, please contact CATC or its worldwide network of distribution partners.

About CATC (
CATC, a communication protocol expert company, provides advanced verification systems and connectivity products for existing and emerging digital communications standards such as USB, IEEE 1394, Bluetooth wireless technology, InfiniBand, Serial ATA, SCSI and Ethernet. CATC products are used by semiconductor, device, system and software companies at each phase of their products' lifecycles from development through production and market deployment. CATC verification systems consist of development and production products that accurately monitor communications traffic and diagnose operational problems to ensure standards compliance and interoperability as well as assist system manufacturers to download software onto new computers. CATC connectivity products enable reliable, uninterrupted service for broadband Internet access. CATC was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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