Broadcom Samples Industry’s Highest Performance, Lowest Power, Lowest Cost Gigabit Controllers for Mobile and Desktop PCs

9/9/2002 - Broadcom, the leading provider of integrated circuits enabling broadband communications, announced the availability of the BroadcomTM NetXtremeTM BCM5705 and BCM5705M, the industry’s lowest-power Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) controllers designed specifically for use in desktop and mobile PCs, respectively. Both products are slated for volume production before the end of this year.

Until now, mainstream mobile PCs could not offer Gigabit Ethernet connectivity due to high power dissipation, extensive heat generation and lack of power management. The Broadcom BCM5705M now overcomes that problem, and enables the transition of mobile PCs to Gigabit Ethernet by reducing the equivalent power dissipation to levels even lower than legacy 10/100 Fast Ethernet solutions.

The transition of the desktop PC to Gigabit Ethernet is already underway, driven by the availability of single-chip Gigabit controllers at nearly the same price as legacy Fast Ethernet controllers. The BCM5705 enables broader market adoption of GbE by lowering system cost and increasing performance and reliability. Key factors in reliability are thermal dissipation and package design. The BCM5705 features an innovative design, enabling a major reduction in power dissipation. As a result, the BCM5705 is designed to have four times’ greater reliability than competing solutions.

"Broadcom has been a pioneer of Gigabit Ethernet technology since its inception, and has led the adoption of Gigabit technologies across servers, clients and switching solutions. With over five million ports shipped since 1999, we have gathered valuable experience in real-life network installations to advance our transceiver and controller technologies," said Tom Lagatta, Vice President and General Manager of Broadcom's Client Networking Line of Business. "Our research and development, combined with extensive customer input and field experience, has now resulted in a product that breaks all barriers for Gigabit Ethernet adoption on client PCs. The BCM5705 and BCM5705M enhance every aspect of the PC end-user experience by delivering higher networking performance, longer battery life, higher reliability and lower cost."

"Shipments of Gigabit Ethernet connections have grown dramatically in recent months, fueled by the inclusion of Gigabit Ethernet controllers in professional desktop PCs," said Gartner Inc. analyst Joseph Byrne. "Development of economical, power-efficient Gigabit Ethernet controllers will facilitate adoption of the technology in mobile PCs and contribute to overall Gigabit Ethernet shipment growth."

"HP customers are successfully deploying Broadcom-based Gigabit network connections to deliver a more than 300% performance improvement on standard business applications. HP believes that the reductions in power and cost delivered by the BCM5705 will further accelerate Gigabit Ethernet deployment in the enterprise," said Louis Kim, Director of Product Marketing, HP Business Desktops.

"IBM sees Gigabit Ethernet as the natural extension of Fast Ethernet for IBM business clients," said Howard Locker, Lead Architect, IBM Personal Computing Division. "Gigabit Ethernet provides higher performance for many business applications while maintaining backward compatibility with the existing Ethernet networks."

Mobile PC Controller Reduces Power Extending Battery Life
Broadcom’s new NetXtreme BCM5705M controller is a 32-bit PCI controller targeted at mobile applications. It features the industry’s lowest power consumption at 900mW. When operating under the same conditions, the BCM5705M consumes nearly 40% less power than leading 10/100 solutions and nearly 50% less power than competing Gigabit solutions running at 1000 Mbps. In addition, sophisticated system-management logic senses the performance requirements of the mobile PC, and reduces power levels intelligently and automatically. This results in a dramatic extension of battery life. Lower overall power consumption also enables better thermal performance – a key factor in mobile PC design. The BCM5705M is an ideal solution for high volume mobile LAN on Motherboard (LOM) applications as well as for MiniPCI and Cardbus form factors.

Single-Chip Controller Optimized for Desktop and Workstation PCs
Broadcom’s BCM5705 is a 32-bit PCI controller targeted for use in desktop and workstation PCs. It provides the industry’s best price and performance combination available today. Independent testing has shown that a Gigabit Ethernet network connection can provide up to a 341% improvement over a 10/100 connection in everyday business applications running on client systems, while reducing the time to perform routine maintenance operations by up to two-thirds. By reducing the cost of deploying Gigabit Ethernet, Broadcom’s new NetXtreme controllers enable more end-users to benefit from the advantages of Gigabit Ethernet, including productivity enhancement, faster downloads, and overall network performance boost.

Both the BCM5705 and BCM5705M include a comprehensive software suite offering a complete solution for client applications, including drivers for all popular operating systems and support for the latest desktop manageability specifications such as WoL and ASF 2.0. A processor-based design enables advanced management software to run in firmware so it can be remotely upgraded via simple downloads.

The BCM5705 and BCM5705M are both layout- and software-compatible with the BCM5702, Broadcom’s previous generation, industry-leading 32-bit PCI controller, and serve as drop-in enhancements for their popular predecessor. All current customers of the BCM5702 can seamlessly migrate to the BCM5705 without any changes to the motherboard.

Broadcom’s new family of NetXtreme client-optimized products complements the company’s existing product lines for Gigabit Ethernet switching solutions, transceivers, security processors, and Gigabit controllers for servers, providing the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of Gigabit Ethernet solutions. The implementation of these products in advanced 0.13-micron CMOS process technology sets the path for additional future reductions in cost and power as process geometries improve.

Broadcom’s new BCM5705 and BCM5705M NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet controllers have been sampling to customers since July. The BCM5705 and BCM5705M are each packaged in a 15x15mm 196-pin package and priced at $19 in sample quantities.

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