TI Releases First Fully Configurable Split Rail Translator That Operates From The 1.5V to 3.3V Node

9/5/2002 - Texas Instruments has strengthened its translation portfolio with the introduction of the AVCA & AVCB164245, 16 bit dual-supply bus transceivers. Ideal for networking, telecom, datacom, server and computing applications, these devices allow universal bi-directional level translation between any of the 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, and 3.3V voltage nodes with each rail being fully configurable to given voltages.

The AVCA and AVCB164245 allow designers to transfer data between Bus to Bus or CPU to Bus, as well as transfer data between two different operating voltages, while maintaining signal integrity and speed (3.7ns Max tpd at 2.5V). The low voltage operation, 1.4V to 3.6V, is ideal for today's mixed mode applications as core processors move to lower operating voltages.

Designed for asynchronous communication between data buses, these noninverting bus transceivers use two separate configurable power-supply rails. The A-port is designed to track VCCA. VCCA accepts any supply voltage from 1.4V to 3.6V. The B-port is designed to track VCCB. VCCB accepts any supply voltage from 1.4V to 3.6V. The A-port and B-port are designed to track VCCA and VCCB, respectively. The Ioff feature protects the device by supporting partial power-down applications. A bus-hold version of the devices is also available with an "H" in the part number signifying the option (AVCAH & AVCBH). The Active bus-hold circuitry is provided to hold unused or floating data inputs at a valid logic level.

"Voltage translation is essential in next generation applications as designers are migrating to lower voltage DSPs and high-performance analog devices while still interfacing with legacy devices," said David Hoover, worldwide product marketing manager for TI's Standard Linear and Logic Products. "TI will continue to meet this necessity by enhancing our translation portfolio with innovative switching standard level and voltage translation devices."

Availability, Packaging and Pricing
The SN74AVCA164245 and the SN74AVCB164245, as well as the bus hold versions, SN74AVCAH164245 and the SN74AVCBH164245, are currently sampling and released to market. The devices are available in the industry standard TSSOP, TVSOP and VFBGA packages. Estimated resale for the AVCA and AVCB164245 starts at $2.24 per 2K quantities.

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