Primagraphics Launches Osprey Radar Input Card in PMC Format

9/5/2002 - Primagraphics, the command & control, video and graphics specialist, has introduced its Osprey integrated radar capture card, the latest in the new Hawkeye family of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) sensor input and display cards in PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) format.

The low power, ruggedised card will operate in a wide range of environments, including conditions of high temperature and vibration. It is designed for applications including networked radar video servers, naval command and control display consoles, radar head monitor systems and airborne radar display consoles.

Osprey provides an interface to a wide range of radar signal types in a compact, PMC form factor. The card can interface to a wide variety of radars including: ASDE-3, RADDS, SPS-40, KH-1007, and Terma Scanter. A wide range of PRF rates, rotation rates, and effective sampling rates can be accommodated without hardware change.

Osprey digitises up to three synchronous analogue radar videos at 50 MHz to 10-bit precision. This data can then be converted to 8-bit or 4-bit samples using a programmable function. Mixing between the three videos and up to 8-bits of digital radar data is also possible. In "raw" mode, up to 16k samples per return can be transferred to the host. Alternatively, range gating and sub-sampling can be performed.

The card also supports azimuth processing such as azimuth correlation. Radar start, stop and reverse can be detected automatically as an aid to sector-scan processing. Various azimuth formats such as ACP/ARP and serial azimuth are supported on the card. An add-on Synchro/Resolver module is also available.

An onboard PowerPC processor provides high-level control of the Osprey's functions and also allows the implementation of custom radar signal processing algorithms. The card includes special features to improve noise immunity and clutter suppression whilst ensuring that small targets are not missed. Every return is individually time-stamped.

The Hawkeye PMC family brings Primagraphics' many years of expertise in sensor input and graphic board design to the PMC format. Primagraphics is a recognised leader in the development of processing and display systems for military and civil applications. Its systems, for VME, PCI and PMC formats, are in use throughout the world for airborne and shipborne command and control consoles, vessel tracking, air traffic control and air defence systems.

Details of Primagraphics' range of cards and systems solutions are given on Primagraphics' web site at For more information on the Osprey card or any other product from Primagraphics, please telephone +44 (0) 1763 852222 or email

About Primagraphics (
Primagraphics, a specialist supplier of graphics and video display systems for VME, PCI and PMC formats, is a recognised leader in the radar and command and control markets. Its expertise encompasses radar scan conversion and tracking solutions, as well as compression, decompression and distribution of data (radar and TV video) across wide and local area networks. As well as providing a range of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products, Primagraphics designs and manufactures high performance systems to meet specific customer requirements. The company offers a full turnkey service to its clients (companies such as BAE SYSTEMS, EDO Corporation, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon) including hardware, systems integration, standard and customised software, technical expertise and support. Founded in 1982, Primagraphics' European headquarters is located at Litlington, near Cambridge, UK. It also has offices in the USA (Amherst, MA) and a network of dealers and distributors worldwide. Primagraphics is a member of the VMEbus International Trade Association (VITA).

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