Agilent Technologies Expands Leadership in Mixed-signal Oscilloscope Market with Industry-first High-bandwidth 4+16 Channel Scope

9/5/2002 - Agilent Technologies extended its leadership in the mixed-signal oscilloscope market with the release of a new family of mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSOs). The Agilent 54830 Series Infiniium MSOs allow R&D engineers in the computer, communications, defense and semiconductor industries, for the first time, to easily view up to 20 time-aligned (4 analog + 16 timing) signals on one instrument, thereby helping to simplify analysis and speed the development of new products.

The new MSOs, which include Agilent MegaZoom deep-memory technology, complement Agilent's current line of oscilloscopes and extend the company's MSO position into the high-performance market by incorporating a combination of advanced measurement features and performance functions critical to today's R&D environment.

"The shift in market dynamic, from designing either strictly analog or digital circuits to designs with both analog and digital circuits, is driving a growing set of viewing and measurement needs unmet with conventional 2- or 4-channel oscilloscopes," said Galen Wampler, Industry Analyst for Prime Data. "Agilent Technologies has carved out a leadership position in this emerging market, with their full range of mixed signal oscilloscope solutions, spanning the 60MHz-1GHz range of bandwidth which incorporate a combination of advanced measurements features and performance functions critical for today's R&D environment."

The three new MSOs and three digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs) in the 54830 Series are designed for R&D engineers in the computer, communications, government, defense, instrument manufacturer and semiconductor industries. The instruments' deep memory enables users to observe long serial data streams with high resolution or to find details buried in complex waveforms. The Infiniium MSOs also help reduce cost of test and time to market by incorporating 16 channel logic timing analyzer capability in a single instrument. This enables engineers to design and test components, systems and processes more efficiently.

"Because of the increased mixed analog and digital signal content in our new products, Agilent's mixed-signal oscilloscopes help design engineers make measurements that were previously impossible to make with traditional oscilloscopes," said Guy Moore, product development manager at Eaton Corporation. "Our engineers are more productive, and we benefit from reduced product development times. The mixed-signal oscilloscope has changed the way we work. I can't imagine any development I've been doing without access to a tool like this - we depend greatly on it."

"Customers have been delighted with this new type of oscilloscope and initial sales results of the 54640-series and 54830-series products have been well above our expectations," said Mike Gasparian, vice president of Agilent's Multi-Industry Business Unit. "The Agilent Infiniium MSOs are excellent tools for mixed-signal design engineers who need the multi-channel viewing, triggering and measurement capabilities of a logic timing analyzer, but want them delivered within the familiar context of an oscilloscope."

The Infiniium MSOs' advanced MegaZoom deep-memory technology addresses user frustrations with previous deep-memory scopes by delivering fast responsiveness and high sample rate automatically, without requiring special manual configuration of the acquisition settings. With acquisition memory depths of up to 16 MB and sampling rates up to 4 GSa/s, the Agilent Infiniium MSOs provide deep capture without the sluggish response associated with many deep-memory scopes. The new MSOs also include Infiniium's award-winning Windows(r)-based graphical user interface that eases navigation and access to advanced features, and active probes that give users full system bandwidth up to 1 GHz.

Additional options that can be added to the Infiniium MSOs include:

Agilent's new 600 MHz to 1 GHz scopes complement the affordable Agilent 54640 Series of 350/500MHz DSOs and MSOs introduced in April 2002 and enable Agilent to now offer a full line of 15 MegaZoom deep memory oscilloscopes from 60 MHz to 1 GHz.

All Infiniium MSO models are available now and will ship standard with 2 MB of MegaZoom deep memory per channel, with the options to upgrade to either 4 MB or 8 MB of deep memory per channel. The Agilent 1156A 1.5 GHz bandwidth Active Probe is priced at $1,695; the Communications Mask Test Kit is priced at $3,028; the USB 2.0 test option is priced at $2,074; and the voice control option is priced at $498.

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