Teja Technologies Expands Software Application Building Blocks For Intel Network Processors

9/4/2002 - Teja Technologies, a leading supplier of network processor software, announced the expansion of its suite of network application building blocks with the addition of four new foundation applications supporting the Intel® IXP2400 and IXP2800 Network Processors. These foundation applications - TCP Termination, IPv4 Forwarding, ATM, and Layer 2 Transparent Bridging - provide developers with a comprehensive software base from which to create high-performance networking equipment such as multi-service switches, broadband and wireless access devices, metro Ethernet, and enterprise and web server/switches. Teja's building blocks will help OEMs deliver products to market faster, with reduced risk and development cost.

"Networking OEMs are increasingly designing new products with Intel network processors because of their time-to-market and flexibility benefits. To maximize those benefits, developers are seeking to leverage as much pre-written code as possible," said David Stepner, Teja's CEO. "Teja's production-ready building blocks can shave months off a development schedule by providing the foundation functionality required for a wide range of network devices."

Teja NP Foundation Application Building Blocks are developed with the Teja NP Application Development Environment (ADE), in which application logic is defined in a hardware-independent representation that is common across the forwarding, control and management planes. This methodology enables developers to quickly customize the building blocks and add their unique, value-added functionality without concern for the underlying hardware details. The software components are subsequently mapped to the specific hardware configuration, and the ADE generates the appropriate code for each of the hardware elements - the microengines and the Intel® XScaleTM core of Intel's latest network processors, the external control/management processors, and any co-processors. Since this assignment of software to hardware can be quickly and easily changed without affecting application logic, systems-level performance tuning is rapidly achieved. This abstract representation guarantees the application code will be reusable across multiple system designs and future generations of Intel network processors.

"Our customers are able to more rapidly and cost effectively deploy applications using interoperable software building blocks", said Doug Davis, general manager of Intel's Network Processing Division. "We see Teja's foundation applications assisting customers with the rapid deployment of the application as well as easier migration to even more powerful and cost effective Intel network processors in the future."

Sharing a common architecture, multiple Teja NP building blocks may be used in the same application and, since they are 100% compatible with the Intel® IXA Portability Framework, they can be combined with microblocks sourced from Intel and third parties. Unlike many other pre-written applications, which are primarily made up of control-plane software that is not performance-critical, Teja's foundation applications focus on fast-path functionality, providing data plane code optimized for performance while including control and management interface software to seamlessly connect the application with third party routing and signaling stacks. Teja's foundation applications are also easily combined with an OEM's existing code.

Teja NP Foundation Application Building Blocks:

The Foundation Applications Building Block suite is one component of the Teja NP Software Platform for Network Processors. Teja NP consists of a Graphical Application Development Environment, NPOS Runtime System for the control plane, and a suite of network application building blocks. This combination allows network OEMs to achieve accelerated time-to-market, reusable code, a dramatic reduction in engineering risk and, most importantly, reliable, high-performance products that meet OEM customer needs.

For the Intel IXP2400 and IXP2800 network processors, the IPv4 Forwarding Foundation Application will be available in November 2002; Layer 2 Transparent Bridging in Q402; and TCP Termination and ATM are both slated for availability in Q103. Interested parties can view a live demonstration of Teja's product offerings in Teja's booth #222 at the Intel Developer Forum, being held Sept. 9-12 in the San Jose Convention Center, in San Jose, Calif.

About Teja (www.teja.com)
Teja Technologies, located in San Jose, Calif., is a privately held software company developing the industry's first advanced network processor software development platform. Teja's NP software will save systems vendors money and speed their products' time-to-market, providing a significant competitive advantage in today's fast moving networking markets. Teja is backed by world-class investors including Blueprint Ventures, Intel Communications Fund, Mayfield, RRE Ventures, Tallwood Venture Capital, and Viventures and is a member of the Intel® Internet Exchange Architecture Developer Network.

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