Dinkumware Ships CoreX Library

9/3/2002 - Dinkumware is now shipping the Dinkum CoreX Library, a source library that augments any Standard C++ library in several important ways. It provides a variety of cacheing strategies for STL containers, dozens of code conversions between Unicode and popular multibyte encodings, and a multithreading library that can be called from either C or C++. The library is priced aggressively to encourage quantity licensing within C++ development groups.

"The C++ Standard is designed to be extensible, but that doesn't mean it's always easy to extend," said P.J. Plauger, President of Dinkumware, Ltd. and original author of the Dinkum C++ Library. "We put in CoreX those extensions that our customers kept asking about but were too hard for them to do themselves — memory allocation, code conversion, and multithreading."

The memory allocation library lets you choose the strategy for growing STL containers, favoring either fast operation or economical use of storage. The allocators work with the multithreading library if you need to manage memory allocation across multiple threads. They are also designed not to hog or leak memory when used in servers that must run for days or even months.

The code-conversions library lets you read and write files in over 70 different formats, but treat them uniformly within the program as sequences of Unicode characters. It even offers support for UTF-16 as a wide-character encoding. The library includes a template class for use with older C++ libraries, so you can use the code conversions even with conventional byte-oriented stream buffers. Another template class lets you convert between wide-character and byte strings, so you don't have to write to a file to convert between encodings.

The multithreading library is highly compatible with the boost.threads library in C++, and with the Posix pthreads library in C. It works atop existing thread support in a variety of Windows and Unix-style operating systems, including Solaris and Linux. You can use it either to write portable multithreading code, in a mixture of C and C++, or to migrate multithreaded applications from Unix to Windows.

Packages for use by up to 50 developers can be ordered directly from the Dinkumware website and are available for immediate download after purchase. Licensing starts at USD 90 for a single-user source license, which includes the Dinkum CoreX Library Reference for on-line HTML documentation.

Versions of the Dinkum Standard C++ Library have been shipped with Microsoft VC++ for the past six years. Many leading vendors of embedded compilers ship the Dinkum EC++ Library or the Dinkum Abridged Library, which adds the Standard Template Library to EC++. Dinkumware is the only commercial supplier of third-party Standard C libraries, and the first to offer a library that fully conforms to the 1999 revision of Standard C (also known as C99).

To test the Dinkum C++ Library, Dinkumware also licenses the Dinkum C++ Proofer, a comprehensive test suite. The C++ Proofer also has options for testing conformance of a library to the Embedded C++ Technical Specification, the Dinkum Abridged Library, or just the Standard Template Library component alone.

Dinkumware, Ltd. also licenses the Dinkum Jcore Proofer, which tests conformance of the Java core language and library, and a Java core library with runtime support for a compiled environment, for use with the EDG Java front end. For further information, call +1-978-371-2773 or visit their web site at www.dinkumware.com

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