Objective Interface Adds Support for New Processor Families to ORBexpress Product Line

9/3/2002 - Objective Interface Systems, the leader in embedded and real-time communications software, announces the release of ORBexpress for two additional CPUs: Intel's XScaleTM and Hitachi's SH-4 Architecture. This complements the existing set of ORBexpress supported processors which include: Motorola's PPC, Sun's Sparc, Intel's x86, SGI's MIPS, HP's Alpha, HP's PA-RISC, and ARM.

ORBexpress developers now have a broader choice of embedded targets on which to use high performance and Real-Time CORBA. ORBexpress applications on the new platforms will seamlessly interoperate with existing ORBexpress applications and other CORBA compliant ORB applications providing the heterogeneous system development capabilities that are the trademark of the OMG standards based CORBA architectural approach.

Commenting on the release, ORBexpress Product Manager, Brad Balfour said, "Objective Interface is pleased to be able to address the growing market demand for high performance CORBA in deeply embedded applications. XScale and SH-4 are representative of new design wins in domains like handheld software defined radios and reduced power / footprint consumer electronics."

About Objective Interface (www.ois.com)
Objective Interface is the worldwide leader of embedded and real-time middleware solutions. We provide CORBA-based development tools to meet the high-performance needs for carrier-grade telecommunications, data communications, industrial automation, consumer electronics, military and aerospace markets. Our products, sold worldwide, are used in a variety of real-time and embedded applications including telecommunication switches, network management, vehicle control systems, nuclear fusion ignition facilities and more.

Working with our strategic partners, we provide our customers with access to a complete network of application products uniquely suited to the design of real-time and embedded systems. Since 1997, our premier product, ORBexpress, has been used for the creation of reliable, complex real-time and embedded applications, and is the only Object Request Broker (ORB) combining high-speed performance with extreme reliability.

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