New Complete Embedded Linux Developers Kit for SBE's HighWire 400

8/30/2002 - SBE announced the immediate availability of its HighWireTM 400p/M DKL, a developers kit for embedded Linux applications. The HW400p/M DKL combines SBE's HW400p/M PCI core processor with a complete TimeSys embedded Linux software developers kit including the enhanced TimeSys GPL Linux kernel and a complete cross development tool chain. To further the flexibility of this hardware/software solution, the HW400p/M can be coupled with SBE's wanPMC line of PMC modules, to provide high-density T1/E1/J1, DS3 (T3), or HSSI communications interfaces.

"With the rising popularity of Linux in the embedded community, SBE needed to be able to provide integrators with a complete line of open source drivers and development tools for the HW400p/M", said William B. Heye, Jr, president and CEO of SBE, Inc. "TimeSys Linux is the natural choice for SBE's HighWire products because it allows us to provide an open source alternative solution for developers using proprietary kernels and traditional real time operating systems."

The HW400p/M DKL incorporates the open source TimeSys Linux GPL kernel, offering a new level of development flexibility for PCI applications. The modular I/O site of the HW400p/M allows rapid integration of a wide range of communications and other interfaces. The enhanced scheduling feature of the TimeSys kernel yields real time responsiveness in a familiar open source Linux environment. The optional TimeSys real time CPU and network bandwidth reservation modules allow the addition of advanced, patent pending real time features, not available in other Linux implementations.

About the HighWire 400p/M
The HW400p/M brings the flexibility of a carrier-class core-processing platform to the PCI Bus form factor. By combining a standardized PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) site with a full-featured PowerPC processor core, the HW400p/M can be used to address a wide range of I/O and protocol processing requirements. In addition to the wanPMC product line, the HW400p/M also accepts most third-party PMC modules, allowing integrators to address a wide range of requirements with a single common core architecture.

About SBE (
Based in San Ramon, California, SBE designs and sells products to meet the needs of traditional and converged telecommunication markets. SBE products are designed for incorporation within carrier-grade computer systems and integrated into signaling, switching and routing networks. They include SS7/AIN controllers for switch manufacturers, WAN interface adapters for network servers, and high-speed communications controllers for wireless and data messaging applications.

SBE is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: SBEI) with products sold world-wide through direct sales, OEM and System Integration partners. SBE and the SBE logo are registered trademarks of SBE, Inc.

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