Geodesic Systems, InCert Software Announce Merger Intent

8/30/2002 - Two leading application availability software companies announced their intent to merge. Geodesic Systems of Chicago and InCert Software Corporation of Cambridge, Mass. will form a single company that will provide a complete line of software solutions that deliver fault tolerance and fault management for enterprise-class applications. The company will be known as Geodesic Systems and will be headquartered in Chicago with an office in Cambridge. Although there is a 30-day due diligence period, joint sales activities will begin immediately.

"This merger is an excellent fit for both companies in terms of technology and vision," said Phil Spertus, president of Geodesic Systems. "Both our organizations have strong, disciplined engineering groups and production-proven technologies. Together, our current and future customers will benefit from a more comprehensive solution to the growing and costly problem of dealing with bugs in deployed applications."

Geodesic's fault tolerance products retrofit deployed applications with a self-healing runtime environment to automatically protect enterprise-class applications from common software errors. InCert's fault management products monitor, pinpoint and report on application faults throughout an enterprise and deliver a detailed root cause analysis of the source code causing the fault. The combined solution allows business continuity in the face of less than perfect software and reduces the time and cost required to repair software defects that occur in production. With support for C/C++, Visual Basic and Java/J2EE, the products significantly improve the availability and reliability of today's heterogeneous computing environments.

"Organizations are seeking increased application resilience even as application technology grows more complex," says Herb VanHook, executive vice president of Stamford-Conn.-based, META Group. "Availability, continuance and performance must be addressed during the complete application lifecycle, with development and operations groups working together to deliver on business expectations."

According to a study authored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), of the nearly $60 billion yearly that buggy software costs the U.S. economy, about 64 percent of the cost is shouldered by end users. The cost to repair defects found in deployed software can be up to 30 times higher than when found during the development phase.

"There are many monitoring companies out there that alert you to an availability problem, but they stop there. Now Geodesic is uniquely qualified to automatically fix the immediate symptoms at runtime to maintain availability and provide a detailed root cause diagnosis to allow permanent repair," said Michael Torto, president and CEO of InCert.

Today's demand for high availability is making application fault management imperative and there are several point solutions on the market that address parts of the problem. Geodesic now has the most complete application fault management solution, with support for multiple languages running on the leading platforms including Windows, Solaris, AIX, Linux and HP-UX.

About Geodesic (
Geodesic Systems, Inc., headquartered in Chicago, provides performance and availability management software that delivers a self-healing runtime environment, improving the scalability and reliability of business-critical applications on existing hardware without requiring changes to application software. Many Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies rely on Geodesic™ Runtime Solutions to help keep their business-critical systems running. Customers include, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, Novell and others.

About InCert (
InCert's Application Fault Management solutions help organizations maximize application availability by providing advance warning and promoting rapid resolution of faults and failures in Windows, Unix and Java applications. TraceBack detects and alerts you to hung or crashed applications and delivers a detailed, root cause analysis of the code problems causing the fault. This permits proactive management of support issues while slashing recovery time by hours or days. Halo utilizes this patented technology to monitor, pinpoint and report on application faults in production environments.

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