Sales of Xilinx Flagship Virtex-II Family of Programmable Chips Exceed $150 million in Revenue

8/29/2002 - Xilinx announced that cumulative revenue for its flagship Virtex-II Platform series of programmable devices is expected to surpass $150 million at the end of the current quarter. Xilinx continues to lead the industry with the world’s fastest, highest-density programmable chip available on the market. At eight million gates with clock speeds of over 400 MHz, and I/O speeds of 840 Mb/s, the Virtex-II Platform FPGA XC2V8000 is 73 percent larger than any competitive device available today.

"Our results with the Virtex-II family signal increased market demand for programmable devices that deliver ASIC-level functionality and performance, but on a proven silicon platform that affords a greater level of flexibility and cost-effectiveness," said Rich Sevcik, senior vice president of FPGA Products at Xilinx. "In today’s economy, the Virtex-II Series is the solution that will get tomorrow’s programmable system designs to market fast. We anticipate that our revenues will continue to increase as customer designs move into production."

Xilinx Virtex-II series devices have fundamentally redefined the programmable logic landscape, propelling FPGAs from the realm of logic into the realm of high performance programmable systems. With its Virtex-II Series, Xilinx has expanded the capability of its FPGAs with a powerful set of features that deliver the fastest logic performance, fastest serial I/O bandwidth, fastest DSP performance and fastest embedded processing performance available on the market today. System architects can now fully exploit the power and capability of the Virtex-II series by leveraging Xilinx’s recently announced ISE 5.1i software family and its latest Virtex-II device, the 2V8000, which expands device density beyond 8 million system gates.

Additionally, with the recent expansion of the Virtex-II Pro family to ten devices, the introduction of a new speed grade, and an aggressive move to 300mm wafer fabrication facilities, programmable logic users are now provided programmable system features at no additional cost including embedded IBM PowerPC processors and 3.125 G/bs RocketIO transceivers. The new ISE 5.1i software makes is easy to access these new features through powerful embedded design tools and architecture wizards that simplify designing with the RocketIO transceivers and digital clock managers (DCMs). In addition, the ChipScope Pro logic and bus analysis tool is the industry’s most powerful debug environment for both logic and embedded processing in a programmable system.

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