Sun Gains in Worldwide Server Revenue

8/29/2002 - According to the 2Q02 Worldwide Server Database by Gartner Dataquest, Sun Microsystems increased its revenue position with marketshare growth of 10.75% year-over-year and now holds second place with 18.44% marketshare. Furthermore, with just under 80,000 units shipped and $1.86 billion in revenue, Sun maintains a commanding lead as the number one vendor in the UNIX® market worldwide.

Overall, Gartner Dataquest's quarterly database shows that Sun's SolarisTM Operating Environment and UltraSPARC®-based systems experienced the highest level of revenue and shipment growth year-over-year of the top five IT vendors while most competing systems saw a decline. In the UNIX market, with 63% marketshare in shipments and 44% revenue share, Sun is clearly number one. Compared to the same quarter last year, Sun grew its marketshare in UNIX shipments by 32% while its three closest competitors lost share in double-digit increments. Sun also led the pack in year-over-year UNIX revenue marketshare, where it grew by 15.4%.

"Customers continue to vote for Sun as our SPARC/Solaris architecture gains at the expense of the competition across all operating environments," said Shahin Khan, Chief Competitive Officer, Sun Microsystems. "Sun is leading in the commoditization of 64-bit computing and the recent addition of the 32-bit Sun LX50 server running Linux and Solaris enables Sun to serve a larger customer base."

These results are based on similarly positive marketshare results posted by Gartner Dataquest for the US, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Asia Pacific regions:

In the US, Sun gained revenue marketshare with a 13.5% increase from last year. Sun was also the only company of the top-five UNIX vendors to grow marketshare in revenue and shipments both quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year. With more than $945 million, Sun is number one with 55.6% of the Unix marketshare in revenue. Sun's number one position in the US extends to shipments where its 42,440 units shipped represent 68.4% of the marketshare.

Similarly positive growth was seen in EMEA where Sun grew its marketshare leadership position in the UNIX market by nearly 37% in shipments and over 10% in revenue year-over-year. With over 21,700 units shipped in EMEA in 2Q02, Sun has 60.61% marketshare in UNIX shipments and 37% revenue marketshare with over $519 million.

In Asia Pacific, Sun's UNIX business grew by almost 21% in revenue year-over-year and 28.2% quarter over quarter with over $211 million. Sun saw a 5.2% increase in Unix shipments compared to the same quarter last year when its top three competitors saw double-digit declines. With almost 7,000 units shipped, Sun posted the strongest sequential revenue marketshare gain (22.9%) of the top 5 vendors in the Asia Pacific region.

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