Fujitsu Siemens Computers To Deliver PRIMERGY T850 Departmental Servers To National Bank of Poland

8/28/2002 - Fujitsu Siemens Computers will deliver servers equipped with the latest 1.6GHz Intel Xeon MP processors to the branch offices of the National Bank of Poland (Narodowy Bank Polski — NBP). The now completed tender, which covered purchase, delivery and installation of servers, and service offering, has been the first opportunity for Fujitsu Siemens and its partner Ster Project to offer the Intel Xeon MP technology. According to the contract, the companies will also deliver Veritas NetBackup software license and media for creating backup copies. In total, 19 branch offices of the Bank will be covered by the installation, including two branch offices in Warsaw.

"In order to quickly respond to changes in PLN exchange rate, NBP had to choose the fastest servers," said Sylwester Grzebieñ, General Manager, Fujitsu Siemens Computers. "Therefore, we proposed the fastest hardware available, i.e. the PRIMERGY T850 servers."

The National Bank of Poland has purchased PRIMERGY T850 servers in the following configuration:

In addition, an external SCSI disk array has been attached to every server, equipped with six 36GB disks each. Backup copies of every server’s disk contents will be created in external LTO libraries.

PRIMERGY T850 server is based on the latest system architecture XA32. This highly efficient technology enables future upgrades of the system up to 32 processors. The XA32 universal architecture enables also the installation of 64 bit McKinley family processors. The servers deployed in NBP can be easily upgraded to include more processors by adding modular components. Moreover, although today’s operating systems do not support such functionality, the server’s resources can be physically partitioned.

The new processors used in PRIMERGY T850 support Hyper Threading technology, meaning that a single processor can process two independent streams of commands. As a result, the single processor is seen in BIOS and Windows system as two chips. Only by turning this function on in BIOS, one can increase the system performance by over 30%. The technology is already used in new Intel Xeon DP processors for 2-way servers. Tests have shown 46% performance increase in SQL query processing, and 31% increase in Web server performance.

Servers equipped in new Intel Xeon MP processors have been available since May this year. In comparison to the currently used Intel Pentium Xeon III processors, they not only work with a clock almost twice that fast (1.4 and 1.6GHz), but use a 3L cache as well. 700 and 900MHz Xeon processors used L2 cache. Thanks to their features, the new processors are nearly 20% faster than the ones used earlier. The market sees more and more expansion cards based on the new buses, e.g. 100 and 133MHz PCI X buses like the ones used in Xeon MP processor based servers.

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