Denali Develops Memory Stick Simulation Model

8/28/2002 - Denali Software, the leader in memory system design and verification, announced an agreement signed between Sony and Denali, in which Denali will develop high-performance simulation models for the Memory Stick IC recording media. About the same length of a size AA battery, the compact, high-capacity and versatile Memory Stick is fast becoming a de facto standard for digital data transfer among personal computing devices and digital consumer electronics. With the high-level models from Denali, Memory Stick licensees will be able to rapidly prototype, build and debug electronic systems that can read and write Memory Stick devices.

"There are over 250 companies supporting the Memory Stick platform, and Denali's memory models will help our licensees roll out their Memory Stick devices to markets faster," said Masaharu Yanaga, Senior General Manger of Sonyís Memory Stick Division. "Memory Stick serves as networking media utilizing semiconductor memories. Emergence of Denali's memory models, which accelerate the development of Memory Stick Devices that help to link various products, services, and contents, will ensure further involvement of Memory Stick in the world of memory solutions. We are also making efforts to develop quality products with Denaliís memory models."

"Denali's SOMA models were our preferred alternative to getting a model we can use in creating a design using the Memory Stick," said Eliezer Hazout, Digital Camera Engineering Manager at Zoran Corporation, "Our experience with other Denali models suggests that we will have equal success using this new Memory Stick model which we have just received and are eager to begin designing with."

"Denali enables memory vendors to provide memory models as soon as the vendors finalize a specification," said David Lin vice president of Applications Engineering at Denali. "We have models for Memory Stick which will be made available as soon as the specification to its licensees. Thereafter, the designer can tape out his ASIC just as Memory Stick goes into production."

About SOMA
Memory Stick products are characterized using Denaliís SOMA (Specification Of Memory Architecture) language. These SOMA files are used in conjunction with Denaliís MMAV product to accurately model the Memory Stick behavior. MMAV is integrated with over 20 popular simulation tools used to verify complex system designs. SOMA models of memory components from every major memory manufacturer worldwide, including Memory Stick are available on Denaliís web site.

About Denali Software (
Denali Software Inc. is the worldís largest provider of comprehensive solutions for memory system selection, design, integration, and verification. Denali enables memory selection and memory processor configuration through its dedicated online infrastructure at More than 400 companies worldwide use Denaliís tools, technology, and services to efficiently integrate new memory technologies into complex system designs for communication, consumer, and computer products. For more information, please contact Denali directly by email or phone at: (650) 461-7200.

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