Latest Virtex-II Pro Offering From Xilinx Provides 40 Percent Performance Increase

8/27/2002 - Xilinx reaffirmed its leadership in semiconductor technology with the latest suite of software design tools, ISE 5.1i. When combined with the company's flagship Virtex-II ProTM FPGAs, the new software suite provides design engineers with a 40 percent improvement over the previous version one year ago, and up to 30 percent faster than any competitive solution available today. This newest offering from Xilinx provides the fastest logic performance, fastest serial I/O bandwidth, fastest DSP performance, and fastest embedded processing performance in the industry.

Fastest Logic Performance
Xilinx continues to achieve breakthrough performance and device densities with its Virtex-IITM Pro FPGA system architecture by tightly integrating hardware and software functions on a single platform. High performance system designers can now achieve unprecedented clock rates of over 400 MHz, and the fastest logic performance available in a programmable solution. The result is the first programmable solution capable of implementing system-on-a-chip designs, once the exclusive domain of custom ASICs.

Fastest Serial I/O Performance
Based on Xilinx® proven Rocket I/OTM 3.125 Gbps serial transceivers, the new offering provides up to 24 embedded multi-gigabit transceivers with a total bandwidth capability of 75 Gb/s, the fastest serial I/O performance in the industry for serial connectivity.

World's Fastest Programmable DSP Solution
Addressing the accelerating need for high-performance DSP solutions, system designers can also achieve DSP performance levels equal to 1 trillion MACs per second, enabling 300 Mega Samples Per Second (MSPS) programmable DSP systems. This significant increase in DSP performance level is achieved through combining the intuitive ISE 5.1i design environment with the high number of embedded multipliers and high performance logic fabric of the Virtex-II Pro devices.

Fastest Processor Performance
The new solution also offers an industry leading embedded PowerPC processing performance of two thousand Dhrystone MIPs, an order of magnitude greater than any competitive programmable solution.

Industry Partnerships Result in Superior Technology
Xilinx credits its substantial lead in performance in large part to its manufacturing partnerships and joint development of the industry's most advanced 130 nanometer process technology. By using a manufacturing technique known as low-K dielectric to meticulously shield millions of individual copper circuits on the chip, Xilinx has achieved this unprecedented breakthrough in technology and performance. "In this business, having a technical edge is the name of the game. By establishing key partnerships with fab partners UMC and IBM, we have achieved the edge necessary to once again demonstrate our leadership and technical prowess," said Rich Sevcik, senior vice president and general manager of FPGA products at Xilinx.

High Performance Alternative to ASICs
"Critical requirements for high performance visual computing are processing speed, high gate density for parallel operations and as much memory bandwidth as possible," said Ross Q. Smith, founder and executive vice president of Marketing and Business Development at Quantum3D. "Xilinx Virtex-II Pro FPGAs and ISE 5.1i software design tools provide us with the combination of speed, density and memory bandwidth, along with a superb development environment that enables Quantum3D to address the needs of the advanced visual simulation and training and embedded visual computing markets without having to use custom ASICs."

About Xilinx Virtex-II Pro FPGAs
On a single programmable platform chip, the Virtex-II Pro Platform FPGA integrates fully embedded systems components, hard and soft IP and millions of gates of customizable logic. Virtex-II Pro offers hard IBM PowerPC 405 processor cores, custom IP generation, multi-gigabit serial transceivers and up to 10 Mb of on-board RAM. This rich set of features supports a wide range of applications by providing a very high level of flexibility to system designers.

About Xilinx (
Xilinx is the worldwide leader of programmable logic solutions.

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