Xilinx Debuts Industry's First IBM CoreConnect Integrated Bus Analyzer for Real-Time, On-Chip Debug Verfication

8/27/2002 - Xilinx announced that next month the company will begin shipping the latest release of its popular ChipScopeTM Pro tools, the most comprehensive set of on-chip debug and verification tools on the market today for designing programmable systems. An industry first, the ChipScope Pro version 5.1i includes IBM CoreConnectTM integrated bus analyzer (IBA) cores, core insertion tools, and an analyzer interface for on-chip capture of data related to on-chip peripheral bus transactions. The CoreConnect on-chip peripheral bus is the critical interface between the PowerPCTM processor and peripherals implemented with Xilinx Virtex-II® Series Platform FPGAs.

Now, logic and system designers can monitor and view transactions and events that occur over the CoreConnect on-chip peripheral bus (OPB) using advanced triggering capabilities in ChipScope Pro. The new CoreConnect IBA core enables protocol error violation detection and reporting based on the IBM Developer's Standards for the CoreConnect bus. And, the analyzer interface allows the user to view the data in a bus cycle-level display complete with time stamps.

"The latest release of ChipScope Pro tool will define a new standard in real-time debug for both systems and logic designers," said Rich Sevcik, senior vice president of FPGA products at Xilinx. "We're providing unprecedented access and visibility to designers for on-chip debug and verification of critical bus interactions between the PowerPC and peripherals within Virtex-II Pro-based designs. With each release of our software, our goal is to put tools in the hands of designers that fully exploit the power of Virtex-II Pro FPGAs, helping them to overcome the challenges of embedded and system design."

CoreConnect IBA Cores Enable Real-time Debug for Logic & System Design
The new ChipScope Pro CoreConnect IBA core extends the popular logic analyzer core technology pioneered in ChipScope ILA (integrated logic analyzer) to system designs based upon the Xilinx' popular Virtex-II Pro platform FPGA devices. These transactions are captured in internal BlockRAM and accessed via a JTAG port, minimizing the number of debug pins required for system-level debug.

ChipScope Pro 5.1i includes the Core Inserter flow, which enables designers to identify signals and nodes that exist in a design and to insert ChipScope Pro cores into the design netlist. The ChipScope Pro Inserter flow offers the flexibility to add and remove debug cores at any time throughout the design cycle. This new Core Inserter flow is in addition to the original core generation flow, which enabled designers to quickly and easily insert IBA bus analyzer and ILA logic analyzer cores into the HDL source for synthesis, implementation, and programming by way of the Xilinx ISE design software.

ChipScope Pro 5.1i includes a completely redesigned analyzer interface developed for advanced system-level debug. The new project-centric interface allows users to interact and display data from multiple ChipScope Pro cores in separate data windows. Designers can now debug signals and busses using waveform, listing or DSP plot views, perform advanced trigger setup, and export data to either ASCII files, or VCD files for HDL simulator integration.

About ChipScope
ChipScope Pro software makes it possible for Xilinx FPGA users to easily debug multi-million gate designs by eliminating the need for complex external test fixtures. ChipScope Pro cores are integrated into the FPGA to provide real-time debug and verification capabilities via a standard JTAG port. Using the ChipScope software, designers spend less time debugging in-system chip functionality, thereby improving time-to-market. The ChipScope Pro is part of the Xilinx ISE series solutions.

The ChipScope Pro tool, built specifically to optimize performance for Xilinx Virtex-II series FPGA-based designs, enables complex logic analysis at full system speeds and offers flexible support for analysis of any signal within the chip. Virtex-II Pro FPGAs offer system designers unprecedented levels of integration and performance, with a combination of up to four PowerPC 405 cores, up to 24 Rocket I/O serial transceivers, and over 10 Mbits of on-chip BlockRAM.

Price, Evaluation Version, Platform and Availability
ChipScope Pro is optional verification software that interfaces to the Xilinx ISE design flow and can be purchased directly from the Xilinx.com web site, or a local Xilinx sales contact. ChipScope Pro supports all of the Xilinx product families, including the Virtex-II Pro platform for programmable systems on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. ChipScope Pro 5.1i is also offered via a 30-day web downloadable evaluation version for free, beginning September 30. All in-maintenance Xilinx ChipScope ILA customers will receive ChipScope Pro 5.1 upgrade with shipments beginning in late September. For 30 days from release to October 31, ChipScope Pro will be available to new customers at a special price of $695.

About Xilinx (www.xilinx.com)
Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) is the worldwide leader in programmable logic solutions.

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