Equator Powers Advanced Smart Camera and Surveillance Devices at ASIS 2002

8/27/2002 - Equator Technologies, a leading provider of high-performance, programmable and power-efficient system-on-a-chip processors for video streaming and image processing applications, announced that it will demonstrate a variety of advanced smart camera and intelligent video security and surveillance devices in its booth (#3117) at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International 2002 show in Philadelphia, September 10-13. The demonstrations with DynaPel, IQinVision, Reality Commerce Corporation and VCON will showcase applications based on Equator’s flexible Broadband Signal Processor (BSP™) family of chips and will highlight motion tracking, camera steadying and face recognition, which are all for smart camera devices, as well as digital video recording and conferencing for storing and communicating video surveillance information.

Equator’s high-level C/C++ programmable, system-on-a-chip solution is based on a proprietary VLIW core that delivers up to 40 billion operations per second. The powerful chip is optimized for video processing and is designed to simultaneously compute numerous complex algorithms necessary for a variety of civilian and government intelligent video surveillance installations. Additionally, the BSP family of chips provides the industry's highest performance at the lowest bit rates, allowing many applications and video streams from multiple cameras to run on a single chip. At this level, Equator offers a price performance that is at least three times that of its competitors, without sacrificing the detailed video quality essential to surveillance effectiveness.

"The attention that security and surveillance is getting in the media only serves to highlight the need to quickly develop state-of-the-art applications and devices capable of matching the increasing sophistication of security threats," said John O’Donnell, CTO of Equator. "Our powerful, software-programmable BSP platform was designed to keep pace with rapid technology advances. We are pleased to demonstrate how we are working with our partners and customers by providing intelligent security and surveillance devices that are adaptable to suit a broad range of installation requirements."

Equator’s fully software-programmable architecture extends a product’s life cycle through software upgrades, while also enabling product customization and differentiation. To illustrate the versatility of Equator’s powerful platform, the company will be demonstrating a number of smart camera and video surveillance solutions at its ASIS booth (#3117), including:

DynaPel Demonstration
Together with DynaPel, Equator will showcase steady and tracker applications that combine the performance power of Equator’s BSP-15 processor with advanced security CCTV. The steady software provides real-time stabilization of shaky video surveillance video. The tracker software allows unattended security CCTV cameras to follow moving objects.

IQinVision Demonstration
IQinVision and Equator will demonstrate IQinVision’s smart camera platform. This camera relies on the superior video compression capabilities and software programmability of Equator’s BSP family of chips to support a variety of complex, video-intense applications such as facial recognition, image correction and video content analysis. The IQeye4 is an intelligent imaging system, combining unsurpassed image quality and high resolution with ease of installation, management, security and programmability, making it ideal for network-based surveillance and monitoring applications.

Reality Commerce Corporation (RCC) Demonstration
Reality Commerce Corporation and Equator will demonstrate their real-time 4CIF 30-frames-per-second MPEG-4 encoder running on the Equator BSP-15 processor. The compressed bit rate can be changed on the fly during the encoding process to meet the compression requirements for a variety of applications.

VCON Demonstration
Equator will demonstrate VCON’s advanced video over IP software on the Equator’s Tetra platform. VCON’s video over IP software includes ITU-T H.263+ video compression and decompression, H.323 network protocol stack and G.711 audio compression and decompression, a basis for IP-based video security and surveillance.

ASIS International is the preeminent global educational organization for security practitioners, with 32,000 members worldwide. ASIS is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security practitioners by developing educational and networking opportunities that focus on advancing all facets of security management.

About Equator Technologies (www.equator.com)
Equator Technologies is a leading provider of high performance, programmable, power efficient system-on-a-chip processors designed for video streaming and image processing applications across a wide range of consumer and enterprise end markets. Equator offers the BSP™ family of Broadband Signal Processor chips, the iMMediaTools® software development toolkit, media libraries, and reference platforms for development and deployment of video streaming and video processing systems. With more than 150 customers worldwide, Equator provides solutions to the digital media, digital video communications, video security and surveillance, digital imaging and automotive video markets. Based on a high-performance VLIW core and optimized for video processing, the BSP-15 family of chips delivers up to 40 GOPS of video processing power. Utilizing Equator’s optimizing compiler technology; BSP-15 chips are 100% programmable in C/C++, enabling rapid deployment and field upgradeability of new applications and devices. A software programmable BSP-15 chip can replace multiple fixed-function ASICs, thereby reducing both complexity and cost of system designs. Winner of the "2001 Fabless Semiconductor Association Best Financial Performer - Private Company" award and picked by Cahners Research as the top private company on the list of 30 best small electronics companies, Equator is a recognized leader in video processing solutions. Founded in 1996, Equator is a privately held company headquartered in Campbell, Calif., with additional offices worldwide.

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