Versatel Networks Recognizes Sadowski & Associates as a Qualified Application Design Agency

8/26/2002 - Versatel Networks, a developer, designer and marketer of fault tolerant Service Creation Switches (SCS), announced that Sadowski & Associates has attained status as a Qualified Application Design Agency on their Service Creation Switches (SCS). To be recognized as a Qualified Versatel Networks Application Design Agency, an organization must be skilled on Programmable Switching Platforms, at specifying, integrating and delivering turnkey applications and/or solutions to end users. As such, they will undoubtedly be able to utilize Versatel Networks' SCS Versit API in order to easily integrate applications onto the SCS platform and hence exploit the SCS's unique characteristics, densities and cost performance capabilities.

According to Mr. Daniel Biage, Versatel Networks CTO, "one of our key objectives in the design of the SCS was to provide the best platform in order to allow Qualified Application Developers to focus on what they do the best - develop innovative and cost effective high value-add telecom services applications. In fact, our Versatel Switch Operating System (VSOS) shields application developers from the complex nuances of call-control and various protocol subsystems, such as MF signaling, SS7 etc."

James W. Sadowski, Principal Consultant of Sadowski and Associates, agrees completely with Versatel Networks' assertions, suggesting that, "Application developers are able to easily utilize Versatel Networks highly open and managed API (application-programming interface) in order to quickly and effectively develop their specific application(s). Their API, which is loosely modeled on the Versit specification, allows the application to control the SCS switching platform through a set of encoder/decoder library function calls and callback functions from/to the host application. The Application Control Services (ACS) provide control over the communication streams and redundancy mechanisms required to control the SCS while the Computer Telephony Integration Services (CTI) provides an interface to call control functionality."

Over the years, Sadowski & Associates has designed and developed several Tandem Call Applications, on various Programmable Switching Platforms, throughout the world. Their breadth of expertise makes them a natural choice as a Versatel Networks Qualified Application Design Agency.

About Sadowski & Associates, Inc.
Sadowski & Associates, with James W. Sadowski as its principal consultant, is a consulting alliance that has provided technical and development expertise to the telecom services industry since 1990. The Company has worked with International and National Corporations to define, develop and deliver digital switching system solutions and real-time system solutions for telecommunications and information services. BT Cellnet (United Kingdom), InTouch Telecom (Belgium), NEC (Japan), Versatel Networks (Canada), InterVoice-Brite (Dallas, Texas) and American Airlines (Ft. Worth, Texas) are just a few of the client companies that have retained their services.

About Versatel Networks (
Versatel Networks, Inc. (formerly CML Versatel, Inc.) is a provider of open, mission-critical, telecom switching technologies. Its products provide Application Developers, Systems Integrators and Service Providers with powerful and reliable platforms on which to rapidly build new end-user services and applications. Telecom innovations such as the TotalAgilityTM family of products deliver the versatility required to help customers realize the benefits of Next-Generation services and technologies today while preserving existing network investments.

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