C Developers Stop Coding Problems Easier with Latest Update to Cleanscape LintPlus C Source Analyzer

8/26/2002 - Cleanscape Software International announced the immediate availability of Cleanscape LintPlus 5, an advanced static source analysis tool for ANSI C software development. New features in the update to this venerable programming tool include: an intuitive graphical user interface, improved GNU support, enhanced embedded environments support, expanded reporting options, and cross-platform support for Windows, UNIX, and Linux development.

"Cleanscape LintPlus 5 reduces organizational exposure to risks from latent software problems by automatically identifying problems in C source code prior to compiling or executing programs," said Cleanscape CTO Monty Swaiss. "It rigorously examines source files both individually and as a group, almost instantly generating comprehensive user-definable reports on hundreds of problems that are readily accepted by typical compilers. With its new graphical user interface and enhanced reporting and analysis features, Cleanscape LintPlus 5 can now help software development teams gain the benefits of advanced C source analysis with virtually zero learning curve."

Combined with almost 60 test, report, and analysis options, the reports in Cleanscape LintPlus 5 provide improved work-flow for every step in the development process. "Cleanscape LintPlus 5 provides project teams with coding standards enforcement and statistical quality control measures by detecting noncompliance with codified style standards, detecting maintenance or portability problems, and computing customized quantitative indicators of code size, complexity, and density," Swaiss said.

Enhanced reports in Cleanscape LintPlus 5 include the following: an Analysis Report that describes problems found in the code, like: syntax errors, global interface problems, data usage, and dozens of other problems; a Call Tree Report that shows the calling structure of the analyzed code; a Cross Reference Report that displays a symbol table cross reference; an Include File Tree Report that shows the nesting structure of the include files used by the input code, and; a Prototypes Report that identifies prototypes for most of the C functions defined in the input files.

Pricing and Availability
Cleanscape LintPlus 5 is available for purchase now for Windows, Linux, and UNIX. Single-user pricing starts at $1,290 for Windows, $3,990 for UNIX, and $2,490 for Linux. Cleanscape is offering a 25% off promotion for those who purchase Cleanscape LintPlus 5 prior to December 31, 2002. Special upgrade pricing is also available to existing users. Additional information, demonstrations, product specifications, white papers, documentation, and free evaluation software are available on Cleanscape's website.

About Cleanscape (www.cleanscape.net)
Cleanscape Software International is a leading innovator of automated software development and testing solutions that simplify build environments, enabling customers to shorten development cycles, optimize resources allocation, and increase product quality with the aim of increasing customer return on investment. The company's product line includes: Cleanscape SourceMill automatic source code generator, Cleanscape LintPlus and FortranLint static source code analyzers, Cleanscape Testwise software visualization and test automation tool set, Cleanscape Grayboxx test automation system for FORTRAN, and QEF software development automation system. Cleanscape is a privately held company founded in 1999, with headquarters in Mountain View, California. For more information please call 650 864-9600.

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