BivarOpto(TM) Introduces Industry-First Isolated Element Quad-Level Light Pipe Offering Uniform Illumination in T1 (3mm) Display Arrays

8/26/2002 - BivarOptoTM, the Optoelectronics Division of Bivar, has introduced the LP4 Quad-Level Light Pipe Series featuring a narrow profile, four-tier light pipe assembly designed to fit over standard SMD LEDs. The proprietary design eliminates cross talk between indicator stations, making it ideally suited for applications where clearly defined signaling is desired, such as network routing and metering.

The new devices are available with extended (Model LP4-EP) or recessed (Model LP4-LP) lens profiles and measure only 0.85 inch (21.5mm) in height by 0.84 inch (21.4mm) in length by 0.170 inch (4.5mm) in station width, providing a compact footprint for high density display packaging. The interlocking design minimizes the vertical distance between lens centers, enabling precise color definition and rigid, accurate alignment when configured in multi-station arrays. This design also offers significant labor savings, allowing SMD LED illumination to be precisely extended simultaneously instead of using individual light pipes, mounts or assemblies.

The Quad-Level Light Pipe can replace most industry standard four-high LED mounts and assemblies, including Bivar's H-450, H400 and H420 Series LED assemblies, and is compatible with Bivar Opto's industry standard 0603 and 0805 sub-miniature SMD LEDs, as well as Bivar's Bi-Color Tri-Color Dual-Chip SMD LEDs.

"The Quad Level Light Pipe Series is a true industry-first in the market," said Anthony Vilgiate, Bivar Vice President Strategic Business Development. "It opens up many new possibilities for designers seeking bright, large area displays in a cost-effective configuration."

Immediately available from stock, typical pricing in production quantities is from $0.60 each. For more information, contact Bivar, Inc. at 800-SPACERS.

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Since 1965, Bivar has become a recognized leader in the electronic PCB assembly and hardware industry. The company is an active Executive Member in PICMG (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group), an international consortium of over 500 leading companies who collaboratively develop specifications and products that adapt to compact PCI technology. Bivar's Optoelectronics Division features the world's largest selection of LED mounts and assemblies, while the Bivar Enclosure and PCB Assembly Hardware Group provides an extensive selection of permanent mounts and wash-away spacers, PCB packaging products and hardware for use in the manufacturing process. Bivar obtained ISO9001 certification in 1998 supporting the company's commitment to high quality products and customer service. For more information or to receive a catalog, contact Bivar, Inc., 4 Thomas, Irvine, CA 92618-2593; Tel: (949) 951-8808; Fax: (949) 951-3974; E-mail:

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