Fujitsu NetCOBOL™ for .NET Adds Features To Support Rapid Application Development

8/21/2002 - Fujitsu Software, a leading supplier of COBOL compilers and tools, is releasing an updated version of its NetCOBOLTM product for Microsoft's .NET platform. NetCOBOL for .NET is Fujitsu's compiler and rich development environment for COBOL, built for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Fujitsu NetCOBOL for .NET Version 1a incorporates:

"NetCOBOL is the only non-Microsoft language that has implemented support for the Web Forms and Windows Forms designers," said Ron Langer, director of languages for Fujitsu Software Corporation "This gives us the advantage of being able to leverage all the Microsoft tools and make them available to COBOL programmers. As the only COBOL compiler vendor to provide direct support for the Microsoft .NET platform, Fujitsu's latest version of NetCOBOL once again confirms that COBOL is still a vital programming language."

NetCOBOL for .NET Version 1a is a significant update to the first version of the product released in April of this year. It continues to allow companies with existing COBOL assets to recompile their COBOL85 programs and enhance them using the technologies available in the Microsoft .NET Framework. The ability to compile existing code enables a clear migration path for businesses wanting to move to a platform that can deliver the cost savings and technological innovation necessary to give them a competitive edge.

NetCOBOL for .NET blends the reliability of Fujitsu's family of COBOL compilers with the Microsoft .NET Framework and the Microsoft award-winning development environment: Visual Studio .NET. The product includes a compiler for the Microsoft .NET Framework common language runtime engine, support for ASP.Net and XML Web services, and integration with the Visual Studio .NET integrated development environment.

This latest version of NetCOBOL for .NET is available immediately. For more details about NetCOBOL for .NET, visit the NetCOBOL web site at

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Fujitsu Software Corporation, based in San Jose, California, is part of the Fujitsu Limited family. Fujitsu Software Corporation leverages Fujitsu's international scope and expertise in developing and providing information technology solutions. Fujitsu Software Corporation's products include INTERSTAGETM, e-business infrastructure software that includes the INTERSTAGE Application Server and INTERSTAGE i-Flow, and NetCOBOL. The INTERSTAGE Application Server enables enterprises to build and run mission critical applications. The INTERSTAGE i-Flow Business Process Management engine empowers enterprises to manage business processes and business process change. NetCOBOL is a COBOL development environment and suite of tools to build fast, mission-critical business systems on open platforms, including Microsoft's .NET Framework.

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