Microchip Technology and Adcon Telemetry Enter Technology Licensing Agreement

8/21/2002 - Microchip Technology and Adcon Telemetry, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, signed a strategic licensing agreement to accelerate the development of wireless home networks. Under the terms of this agreement, Microchip has licensed a direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) transceiver utilizing Adconís IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee-compliant transceiver technology.

The agreement enables Microchip to develop products specifically for the low-power wireless, consumer, appliance and home-automation markets.

Microchip is a leading supplier of field-programmable RISC microcontrollers, which serve 8- and 16-bit embedded control applications, and a broad spectrum of high performance linear and mixed-signal, power management and thermal management devices. Adcon's technological core competence is the transmission of small- to medium-size data volumes over short- to middle-range distances at very low-energy consumption and attractively low cost.

The ZigBee standard defines "lowest-cost and lowest-power consumption" communications for household appliances and building automation, and is a cost-effective alternative to Bluetooth for all applications involving small volumes of data transmitted over longer distances. Both Microchip and Adcon played key roles in setting the ZigBee standard.

"This exchange signifies the beginning of what we hope will be a wide collaboration between Microchip and Adcon in advancing wireless solutions and the widespread adoption of the ZigBee standard," said Dick Fisher, Director of Microchipís Radio Frequency Products Group. "We believe that our strong position in the home-automation market and high-volume manufacturing coupled with Adconís expertise in smart wireless technology ideally positions our two companies to bring unique low-power solutions to the home-automation arenas."

"We are extremely pleased to see one of the leading industry names endorsing Adcon as its technology partner. While path-breaking for the strategic development of our technology, the agreement provides evidence that IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee is finding rapid acceptance as low cost data transmission standard within the community of early technology adopters and an early indicator of mass market potential", says Claus Wortmann, COO of Adcon. "As our relationship with Microchip expands, the challenge will be to further measure up to the standards of excellence imposed by our partner and at the same time ensure that AdconĎs R&D will remain at the cutting edge in an emerging business with radically differing dynamics and growth characteristics."

About Microchip Technology (www.microchip.com)
Microchip has integrated analog technology, peripherals and features to meet today's demanding design requirements. Their broad spectrum of analog products addresses thermal management, power management, mixed-signal, linear and interface solutions. Combined with "Intelligent Analog" microcontrollers, Microchip offers an extensive analog portfolio for thousands of high-performance design applications in the automotive, communications (wireless), consumer, computing and industrial control markets.

Microchip Technology Inc. manufactures the popular PICmicro® field-programmable RISC microcontrollers, which serve 8- and 16-bit embedded control applications, and a broad spectrum of high performance linear and mixed-signal, power management and thermal management devices. The Company also offers complementary microperipheral products including interface devices; microID® RFID devices; serial EEPROMs; and the patented KEELOQ® security devices. This synergistic product portfolio targets thousands of applications and a growing demand for high-performance designs in the automotive, communications, computing, consumer and industrial control markets. The Company's quality systems are ISO 9001 (1994 version) and QS9000 (1998 version) certified. Microchip is headquartered in Chandler, Arizona with design facilities in Mountain View, California and Bangalore, India; semiconductor fabrication facilities in Tempe and Chandler, Arizona and Puyallup, Washington; and assembly and test operations near Bangkok, Thailand. Microchip employs approximately 3,200 people worldwide and has sales offices throughout Asia, Europe, Japan and the Americas.

About Adcon Telemetry (www.adcon.com)
Adcon Telemetry AG is a global player in data transmission technologies based on private digital radio. As a system house for wireless communication Adcon supports all major communication standards in the license-free ISM frequency range. Adconís products range from radio based data acquisition systems to standardized radio modems as well as OEM radio boards and ASIC technology for integration into third party devices.

The Microchip name and logo, PIC, PICmicro, microID and KEELOQ are registered trademarks of Microchip Technology Inc. in the USA and other countries. SPI is a trademark of Motorola.

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