Rational and CommerceQuest Collaborate on New Performance Testing Solution for IBM WebSphere Applicatications

8/20/2002 - Rational Software collaborated with CommerceQuest to develop the MQTester for Rational, a new automated performance-testing solution that speeds the development of higher-quality IBM WebSphere MQ-based business and Web services applications.

The MQTester for Rational is an advanced-capability plug-in for Rational Suite® TestStudio® that expands the capabilities of Rational's open, extensible software development platform.

The MQTester for Rational records the actual message traffic of the product application and then replays it in the IBM WebSphere MQ environment in a way that accurately reflects production conditions. This enables greater reliability in testing IBM WebSphere MQ-based applications, so customers can maximize the value of their investments in IBM WebSphere MQ technology.

"Rational and CommerceQuest clearly recognize the need to quickly and easily develop and test new applications for WebSphere MQ software and Web services," said Jeff Henry, director, WebSphere MQ, IBM Software. "We believe that WebSphere MQ customers will realize significant benefits from MQTester for Rational, a new offering that has been tailored to their specific development needs."

MQTester for Rational enables IBM WebSphere MQ testers and developers to accomplish the following:

IBM WebSphere MQ messaging products enable integration by helping business applications exchange information across different platforms, sending and receiving data as messages. These products take care of network interfaces, assure "once and once only" delivery of messages, deal with communications protocols, dynamically distribute workload across available resources, handle recovery after system problems, and help make programs portable. This enables testers and developers to use their skills to handle key business requirements instead of spending time with underlying network complexities.

"We saw a clear opportunity to help IBM WebSphere MQ development projects succeed by combining tailored performance-testing capabilities with Rational Suite, Rational's unique, market-leading software development platform," said Paul Roth, chief technology officer, CommerceQuest. "MQTester for Rational enables test managers to optimize their teams' performance and accelerate application development and deployment without having their team members implement additional tools or learn new skills."

"Enabling IBM WebSphere MQ customers to quickly and reliably test their applications will help customers maximize the value of their investment in IBM WebSphere MQ technology," said Eric Schurr, chief marketing officer, Rational Software. "Rational is committed to continually developing new solutions that liberate project teams from unproductive activities that delay software development, empowering them to create higher quality software more quickly and meet their goals."

CommerceQuest is a Premier IBM Business Partner focusing on solutions that leverage the powerful WebSphere product line. This agreement is another deliverable in the long-standing relationship between Rational and IBM.

Pricing and Availability
MQTester for Rational is immediately available from CommerceQuest.

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