Rational Software Expands “Quality by Design” Initiative for Developers of Software Products, Embedded Systems and Devices

8/20/2002 - Rational Software expanded on its "Quality by Design" initiative for developers of software products and embedded systems and devices by releasing a new version of Rational® Test RealTime and two new products: Rational® PurifyPlus RealTime and Rational® PurifyPlus for Linux.

"Quality by Design" helps developers build higher-quality software faster by empowering them to continuously detect and repair software problems during the development process, from early design through every subsequent iteration.

New Features in Rational Test RealTime
With this new version of Rational Test RealTime, Rational expands its proactive debugging features for C, C++ and Ada developers and introduces new language support for Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME) and Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE). These proactive debugging capabilities within Rational Test RealTime allow developers to test, debug and fix their own code in less time than it takes to do it manually. These enhancements strengthen Rational Test RealTime's position as the only software development tool in the industry that supports both the testing and comprehensive runtime analysis of embedded code directly on its target platform.

For the Java 2 Platform, Rational has also integrated Rational Test RealTime with JUnit, the popular Java open-source, highly flexible testing framework. This integration allows developers to automatically generate JUnit-like test classes from code by using a wizard built into Rational Test RealTime. The integration reuses any existing JUnit test cases in place, enabling developers to leverage past investments in testing their code.

Rational Test RealTime then extends the value of JUnit by executing those tests directly on the target system platform. Rational Test RealTime provides Java-specific runtime analysis features such as memory profiling, performance profiling, thread profiling, code coverage analysis and runtime tracing directly on the target, providing an advanced reporting interface to evaluate test results.

Rational Test RealTime is the only developer tool in the industry to extend JUnit by providing support for JUnit on target J2ME platforms. This provides transparent deployment across all common embedded targets via a versatile target deployment port technology.

The new version of Rational Test RealTime also includes the following features:

Two New Products
As part of the updates to the "Quality by Design" initiative, Rational has introduced two new products: Rational PurifyPlus RealTime for cross-platform runtime analysis, and Rational PurifyPlus for Linux for runtime analysis of Linux-based code. Rational PurifyPlus RealTime provides a new solution for the software products and embedded systems developer. It offers cross-platform runtime analysis capabilities, which include memory, performance and thread profiling, code coverage analysis, and runtime tracing.

These capabilities allow developers to quickly and easily create faster, more reliable code running on target systems. Rational PurifyPlus RealTime is the cross-platform complement to Rational's long-standing market-leading solution for host-based runtime analysis, Rational PurifyPlus. Rational PurifyPlus RealTime supports the same programming languages as Rational Test RealTime: C, C++, Ada, J2ME and J2SE.

To help Linux developers produce faster, more reliable code, Rational has introduced Rational PurifyPlus for Linux, a runtime analysis solution for Linux developers.

Rational PurifyPlus for Linux offers runtime analysis capabilities, including memory, performance and thread profiling, code coverage analysis, and runtime tracing, for software running on a Linux host. Rational PurifyPlus for Linux expands Rational's host-based runtime analysis solution currently provided by Rational PurifyPlus for Windows and Rational PurifyPlus for UNIX. Rational PurifyPlus for Linux supports C, C++ and J2SE.

"Our unique 'Quality by Design' initiative helps developers create higher-quality code earlier in the development process," said Eric Schurr, chief marketing officer, Rational Software. "These new tools liberate developers from the typical chaos of software development so they can do what they want most: create great software."

Pricing and Availability
In the United States, Rational PurifyPlus for Linux v2002 Release 2 starts at $1,995 per user license, Rational PurifyPlus RealTime v2002 Release 2 starts at $2,495 per node-locked license, and Rational Test RealTime v2002 Release 2 starts at $5,495 per node-locked license. Upgrades will be available within 30 days. Customers will be notified when their upgrades are available. Prices for countries other than the United States will vary due to shipping and delivery costs, custom clearance costs, translations and other factors. Non-United States customers should consult their local sales office for the prices in their country of intended usage.

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