Rational Software Expands “Extended Development Experience” to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and ASP.NET Developers

8/20/2002 - Rational Software further expanded its unique "Extended Development Experience" by extending the reach of Rational® XDE Professional with support for Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and ASP.NET.

Rational has also added more power to Rational XDE Professional with industry-first assisted modeling and multidimensional modeling support for Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and ASP.NET developers. The enhancements to Rational XDE Professional enable Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and ASP.NET developers to simplify and accelerate the creation of higher-quality business applications.

Rational's "Extended Development Experience" for Microsoft .NET developers provides a frictionless design and development environment. At its core is Rational XDE Professional: .NET Edition, which presents Rational's design and modeling capabilities inside Microsoft Visual Studio .NET to give the developer a single user experience. Rational XDE Professional also is integrated with Rational's complete life-cycle software development solution, and is augmented with the comprehensive and skill-building content on the Rational Developer NetworkSM.

"With the addition of ASP.NET support in Rational XDE Professional, we were able to realize significant time savings when developing our Web application," said Saurin Shah, chief architect, Unisys Full Service Provider Practice, Unisys. "We used Rational XDE Professional to reverse-engineer a large existing ASP.NET application and generate the object model in minutes instead of hours. We feel that this round-trip engineering feature, as well as the access to design patterns within Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, are two of Rational XDE Professional's most valuable features."

"Enterprise customers of Rational and Microsoft will greatly benefit from Rational XDE Professional: .NET Edition," said Tom Button, vice president for the Developer Platform and Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. "Developers using Visual Basic .NET and ASP.NET will especially appreciate the enterprise-ready capabilities and features in Rational XDE Professional, such as patterns and code templates, which will improve productivity in today's demanding IT infrastructure landscape. Rational's life-cycle offering truly benefits enterprise-level development teams by complementing Microsoft Visual Studio .NET in many key areas."

New Language Support
Until now, developers creating complex business applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and ASP.NET have had to use separate tools for visual design and development. This requires developers to switch between the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET integrated development environment (IDE) and other applications, making it more time-consuming and challenging to create code. Rational XDE Professional solves this problem by presenting itself to developers as a seamless part of the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET IDE. It enables developers to accelerate Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and ASP.NET design and development through the addition of the following:

"Assisted Modeling" for Microsoft .NET Developers
"Assisted Modeling" allows developers to model their application using native Microsoft Visual Basic .NET or ASP.NET terms and concepts. A developer can drag a language construct from the tool bar onto a UML class, and Rational XDE Professional will automatically generate the correct UML syntax for that construct. This automation helps developers realize the power of visual design and development with only a basic knowledge of UML. Assisted Modeling technology uniquely helps developers learn the UML naturally by enabling them to think "in code" and generate UML.

Multidimensional Modeling Support
Unlike other tools that can only have one active model in the work space at a time, Rational XDE Professional supports multidimensional models by allowing multiple models to be active in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET at the same time. Developers and architects can benefit from multidimensional models in many ways: The relationships between models at different levels of abstraction, such as requirements models, architectural models and implementation models, can be viewed simultaneously, which enables teams to assess the impact of change. Large models can be broken up into smaller, manageable work packages while maintaining their relationships. Rational XDE Professional will "demand load" other pieces of the model when required, speeding up development time. Many projects also will choose more than one development language to implement an application. Rational XDE Professional allows the developer to simultaneously work with multiple languages at the same time, which enables a complete view of the application in one work space.

"Rational's new support for Microsoft Visual Basic. NET and ASP.NET continues our strategy of expanding Rational's unique 'Extended Development Experience,' which we introduced just six months ago with support for Visual C# .NET," said Eric Schurr, chief marketing officer, Rational Software. "The new support for these key Microsoft .NET technologies and the advanced features in Rational XDE Professional liberate developers from unproductive activities that stifle creativity, enabling them to focus on creating great code."

Pricing and Availability
In the United States, versions of Rational XDE start at $1,595 per user license. Rational XDE Professional v2002 Release 2.1 will be made available at no charge to all users of Rational Rose® Enterprise, Rational Suite® Development Studio, and Rational Suite® Enterprise with an active support contract, as this represents a significant upgrade to a user's license. Rational Rose models can be imported directly into Rational XDE Professional v2002 Release 2.1.

Upgrades will be available within 30 days. Customers will be notified when their upgrades are available. Prices for countries other than the United States will vary due to shipping and delivery costs, custom clearance costs, translations and other factors. Non-United States customers should consult their local sales office for the prices in their country of intended usage.

About Rational Software (www.rational.com)
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