Marvell Drives Mass Deployment of Wireless LANs With the Industry's First Two-Chip 802.11b Solutions

8/20/2002 - Marvell®, a technology leader in the development of extreme broadband communications solutions, solved critical issues hindering the widespread adoption of Wireless LANs by offering the industry's most integrated, two-chip, CMOS 802.11b Wireless LAN solutions. The Marvell LibertasTM chipsets are optimized to provide unprecedented levels of performance and incorporate new features that will make Wireless LAN a standard feature in enterprise infrastructures, laptops, home gateways, and consumer electronic devices.

Current competing solutions prevent the mass deployment of Wireless LANs due to problems with short range, poor battery management, weak interference immunity, and insufficient security. To improve range, the Marvell Libertas solutions incorporate advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology that lessens the impact of multi-path, unwanted "echoes" in wireless transmissions, which severely reduces range and lowers transmission speeds. The Libertas chipsets have up to a four times better multi-path tolerance than current competing solutions. Furthermore, the Marvell Libertas solutions incorporate the industry's highest receive sensitivity and highest on-chip, power amplifier (PA) output at 20dBm at the antenna connector. As a result, the Libertas chipsets easily offer twice the distance of competing solutions.

"Our goal was to deliver breakthrough technology that solved critical issues, such as increasing range and enhancing security, for our customers' wide range of applications," stated Weili Dai, Marvell's Executive Vice President and General Manager for the Communications Business Group. "The challenges our customers have with current competing solutions can only be overcome with the Marvell Libertas 802.11b solutions. With our technology, our customers can confidently build secure and reliable Wireless LAN products. In addition, our high level of integration will enable our customers to build very cost-effective solutions for the mass deployment of Wireless LAN into the enterprise, home, public 'hot spot,' and other emerging markets," added Ms. Dai.

"In addition to extending range performance, the Marvell Libertas solutions include additional advanced features that provide enhanced capabilities for Wireless LAN systems," stated Lawrence Tse, Marvell's Vice President of Wireless Engineering for the Communications Business Group. "Marvell has incorporated auto-programmability with our on-chip power amplifier to provide better power management and extended battery life. We have also optimized our industry-leading DSP technology to provide more interference immunity to co-channel 802.11b interference, allowing for increased speeds and 'worry-free' functionality in realistic Wireless LAN deployment scenarios. Last, we have dedicated hardware to perform advanced IEEE AES encryption, providing the industry with the most secure Wireless LAN connections."

In addition to client and access point chipset offerings, Marvell also provides complete hardware and software reference designs to accelerate customers' time-to-market. "Our complete reference designs make it easy for our customers to implement Wireless LANs as a 'must have' capability in various market segments," stated Dr. James Chen, Wireless Product Marketing Manager for the Communications Business Group. "To this end, we are excited to announce reference designs such as embedded Mini PCI for laptops, PC Cards for retail markets and Compact Flash for PDA applications. Tying all of these clients together will be our Access Point reference designs which will allow APs to be deployed more cost-effectively and more densely than ever before."

Libertas 802.11b Client Chipset Solution
For client applications, the Marvell Libertas chipset solution comprises the 88W8000 RF transceiver and the 88W8300 baseband processor/MAC, and includes the following features:

Libertas 802.11b Access Point Chipset Solution
For access points, the Marvell Libertas chipset solution comprises the 88W8000 RF transceiver and the 88W8500 Access Point chip. It offers most of the above features plus the following:

The Marvell Libertas 88W8000 RF chip and the 88W8300/88W8500 baseband and MAC processor/Access Point chips are now sampling.

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