Brooktrout Technology's SS7 Platform Now Supports INAP Protocol and Additional New Features Enabling Access to New Market Opportunities

8/20/2002 - Brooktrout Technology, a leading provider of innovative hardware and software platforms that enable applications for the New NetworkTM, announced an enhanced version of its NS700TM SS7 signaling platform. The new release includes support for Intelligent Networking Application Part (INAP) CS 1, UK ISUP call control, and dual plane configurations for single point code redundancy in carrier grade installations.

Brooktrout's NS700 SS7 platform is a powerful, feature rich SS7 signaling platform with a full SS7 protocol implementation. The NS700 is based on mature technology that has been installed in over 70 countries. Now with support for INAP, the NS700 with a fully integrated SS7 stack, is a key enabler for Intelligent Networking (IN) and Advanced IN (AIN) services. The added INAP feature is the principal protocol utilized in intelligent network applications around the world. Traditionally, equipment that provides access to INAP-based services and applications is costly. By adding the INAP to its NS700 platform, Brooktrout is providing developers of INAP systems a cost effective alternative to expensive proprietary systems and the capability to rapidly develop INAP applications with the high performance NS700 card and TDAPI architecture.

Brooktrout also announced support for UK ISUP call control, the latest version of SS7 call control used in UK public networks. The addition of dedicated support for this signaling protocol to the TDAPI range, which already offers BTNUP (IUP), the SS7 version that has been used in the UK prior to the launch of UK ISUP, reinforces Brooktrout's commitment to meeting the needs of developers.

The new version of the NS700 also provides high availability support allowing developers to deliver dual-plane, carrier-grade, multi-node security, and fully leverage the inherent advantages of SS7 loadsharing and multi-link redundancy. Through a set of API extensions, developers can deploy NS700 cards in two separate chassis units and configure them with signaling links belonging to the same point code. If one chassis fails, only the signaling links on that chassis are lost. The signaling links that remain on the other chassis are able to stay in service and the system can continue operation with minimal loss of service. This process leverages the inherent capabilities of SS7 to perform rerouting of traffic across available links in the event of the failure of any one link.

"Brooktrout has been able to offer an extremely comprehensive and stable solution when it comes to SS7 signaling. Their latest addition, which adds INAP, further compliments their range of signaling abilities. This makes Brooktrout a premium vendor when it comes to choosing an SS7 signaling solution," said Tiaan van Aardt, Director, Network Intergration and Signaling development for TruTeq Wireless (Pty) Ltd. (

"The UK ISUP feature reinforces Brooktrout's commitment to meeting the needs of developers through compliance with changing," said Guy Redmill, senior product manager for Brooktrout Technology's SS7 product line. "The addition of INAP to the NS700 portfolio gives developers the flexibility to design and develop IN/AIN-based applications and provide cost effective platforms to service providers."

Brooktrout Technology's NS700 platform is an SS7 signaling interface platform available in PCI and cPCI configurations. The PCI board offers up to four E1 or T1 interfaces; the cPCI board offers four or eight T1 or E1 interface ports. Each has a high performance on-board processor to off-load the host from lower layer requirements. The NS700 PCI and cPCI boards conform to the ECTF H.100 and H.110 standards specifications and support a wide range of SS7 signaling layers, including ISUP and other call control variants, TCAP, GSM/3GPP MAP, SMS and INAP. Brooktrout's NS700 product line can support up to a total of 32 SS7 Signaling Links on-board.

Pricing and Availability
Brooktrout Technology's SS7 developer kits are available now at a starting list price of $8,100. For more information, contact Brooktrout Technology in the US at +1 781 449 4100, in the UK at +44 1344 380 280 and in Belgium at +32 2 658 0170.

About Brooktrout Technology (
Brooktrout Technology delivers innovative hardware and software platforms that enable the development of New NetworkTM applications, systems and services in targeted market segments, including voice over packet gateways, enhanced services platforms, wireless infrastructure, unified communications, and contact centers. The company's strategy is to collaborate with its partners to help them increase existing business, expand into new markets and accelerate the delivery of new applications and services. Brooktrout Technology is a subsidiary of Brooktrout, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRKT).

The New Network and NS700 are trademarks of Brooktrout, Inc.

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