0-In and Axis Systems Develop a Solution to Extend Benefits of Assertions Throughout the Design Flow

8/20/2002 - 0-In Design Automation, the Assertion-Based Verification Company, and Axis Systems, announced the industry's first solution that combines assertion-based verification with hardware acceleration and emulation to increase verification productivity for large, complex integrated circuit (IC) designs.

The 0-In/Axis assertion solution enables IC designers to map 0-In assertions to Axis' Xcite and Xtreme acceleration and emulation systems and leverage the power of assertions at hardware speed, which is typically 1000 times faster than software simulation. 0-In's ABV methodology and Axis' new Assertion Processor technology were the enablers for the joint solution.

In traditional system level verification, designers encounter productivity bottlenecks such as verification performance and the inability to intelligently observe internal design structures. In contrast, using the new joint 0-In/Axis solution, designers can accelerate the detection and diagnosis of design bugs and speed the generation of structural coverage metrics. With Axis, customers increase their verification runtime performance and debug frequency; with 0-In, they improve their ability to monitor their design and find bugs missed by traditional simulation methods.

"As IC design complexity increases, customers require an assertion-based verification solution that supports best-in-class verification tools," said Emil Girczyc, 0-In President and CEO. "Customers can access the speed and capacity of Axis' hardware solution in an integrated ABV flow that spans simulation, formal verification, and now, emulation and simulation acceleration."

"Our customers are constantly asking for innovative ways to increase their verification productivity," said Mike Tsai, president and CEO of Axis. "Axis and 0-In have been working on this joint solution over the past year to provide a way to leverage the benefits of assertions throughout the design flow."

0-In/Axis Assertion Solution
The joint solution, based on 0-In's ABV methodology and Axis' new Assertion Processor technology, enables designers to run 0-In assertions in Axis' Xcite and Xtreme acceleration and emulation systems. With the joint solution, designers can detect violations at the source and automatically generate reports that pinpoint the location and time of the problem.

By using Axis' Assertion Processor technology to map 0-In's pre-verified CheckerWare library and monitors into Axis' ReConfigurable Computing (RCC) engine, designers are able to leverage their assertions throughout the design flow, and perform assertion-based verification at acceleration and emulation speeds. Also, designers have access to more than 30 industry-standard networking, memory and SoC interfaces from 0-In such as HyperTransport?, PCI-X, AMBA, AGP, UTOPIA and DDR SDRAM. Detecting violations at the source enables designers to know a problem has occurred as it happens, without having to wait for errors to propagate through the system. Such immediate feedback is made possible through the use of Axis' event-based, interrupt-driven system.

Having a violation isolated and reported, along with the location and time of the violation, reduces debug time. 0-In's assertion management system provides an infrastructure for designers to access all the information available. And with structural coverage metrics provided, designers can grade their tests and improve the quality of tests generated.

0-In Assertion-Based Verification (ABV) Methodology
A comprehensive ABV solution provides value throughout the design and verification cycle — from the block level to the chip and system level. 0-In's ABV methodology includes support for all tools and standards in a customer's existing verification flow. 0-In's interoperable assertion infrastructure allows the 0-In assertion methodology to easily support future Accellera assertion standards and be expanded beyond simulation and formal verification to include the hardware acceleration, and emulation platforms. Assertions placed within the internal RTL design structures and interfaces constantly monitor the RTL design for assertion violations and structural coverage feedback.

Axis ReConfigurable Computing Technology
Axis' Xcite and Xtreme verification systems are based on patented ReConfigurable Computing (RCC) technology, which combines simulation, acceleration, emulation, and hardware-software co-verification on a single platform. The RCC event-based algorithm enables the Axis products to handle interrupts, a capability required for assertion detection and processing.

RCC technology provides powerful debugging capabilities such as VCD-on-Demand and hot swapping. VCD-on-Demand saves the simulation history for an entire design, eliminating the need to re-simulate when a bug is found, which improves overall verification productivity. Hot swapping - switching from software simulation to accelerated simulation and emulation - gives designers the flexibility to debug their designs in a familiar software debugging environment while taking advantage of acceleration and emulation performance.

The 0-In/Axis Assertion Solution is currently being used by pilot customers and is available immediately from 0-In.

About 0-In (www.0-in.com)
0-In Design Automation, Inc. (pronounced "zero-in") develops and supports functional verification products that help verify multi-million gate application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and system-on-chip (SoC) designs. Twelve of the 15 largest electronics companies have adopted 0-In tools and methodologies in their integrated circuit (IC) design verification flows. 0-In was founded in 1996 and is based in San Jose, Calif.

About Axis Systems (www.axiscorp.com)
Axis Systems, Inc. offers high-performance verification platforms for the hardware and software development of complex electronic system and system-on-a-chip designs. Axis' products help increase confidence in new designs, improve overall verification productivity and shorten time to market. On a single platform and with one design database, patented RCC technology provides software simulation, accelerated simulation, system emulation and hardware/software co-verification. Customers include the world's leading networking and multimedia companies. Axis is headquartered at 209 Java Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089.

0-In® and CheckerWare® are registered trademarks of 0-In Design Automation, Inc. Xcite and Xtreme are trademarks of Axis Systems, Inc.

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