CMX Systems, Cyan Technology Partner for Internetworking Connectivity

8/19/2002 - CMX Systems, well-known designer of real-time operating systems and TCP/IP software, and Cyan Technology, developers of low-power flash microcontrollers for today’s connected devices, have launched the CMX-MicroNetTM TCP/IP stack on the eCOG1 16-bit engine. Thanks to a joint commitment to a low-cost, high-performance solution, the Cyan-CMX solution sharply reduces the cost of networking devices and Internet connectivity. To facilitate customer support, CMX and Cyan have formed a distribution agreement in which Cyan can directly offer the complete CMX-MicroNet solution to its clients.

Focused on the low-power, real-time communications needs of developers, Cyan Technology offers a 16-bit flash microcontroller capable of running code at less than 10 microAmps and 25-MIPS execution speed. This tight power control and high performance is strongly complemented by CMX-MicroNet, a very small footprint TCP/IP software stack, developed to provide networking and Internet connectivity for the most stringent real-time communication demands that the 8- and 16-bit designer faces. With the CMX-MicroNet stack and a rich assortment of communication peripherals, serial interfaces and timers, eCOG1 makes an ideal communications engine for Internet-enabled devices, hand-held instrumentation, intelligent sensors, and PDA peripherals.

Chuck Behrmann, president and CEO of CMX, said, "We are very pleased that Cyan Technology has selected CMX-MicroNet as a networking tool for the eCOG1. Given the complete integration of CMX-MicroNet to eCOG1, the networking and Internet connectivity aspects of the design are complete and developers can focus on the device application. With our no-royalty fee structure and Cyan’s commitment to offer a low-cost hardware solution, Cyan can offer its customers an unmatched combination of price and performance that can be purchased directly from a single source."

"Designers are being asked to integrate networking and Internet connectivity in a host of devices," notes David Griffiths, Cyan Technology’s CEO. "CMX technology has a reputation for out-of-the-box connectivity—a strength we want to bring our customers. These capabilities, along with a mature software development tool chain and development board, ensure that our customers get the responsiveness and functionality they need in an exceptionally low-power device."

The CMX-MicroNet TCP/IP stack is available directly from Cyan Technology starting at $5,500. eCOG1 sells for $10 per 10,000. The comprehensive eCOG1 Development Kit offers an eCOG1 development board priced at $299 and a free set of software development tools that includes an assembler, verified ANSI-C compiler, software simulator and in-circuit emulator/debugger. A CMX-MicroNet demo will be shipped freely to developers for evaluation along with the eCOG1 development tools.

About CMX-MicroNet
CMX-MicroNet is a scaled down TCP/IP software stack with a total ROM footprint of 3Kb - 20Kb, depending upon configuration, for 8-bit processors or those 16-bit processors that require a single-chip solution with no external memory. CMX-MicroNet supports more 8-bit and 16-bit microprocessors than any other existing solution. CMX-MicroNet is currently available, starting at $5,500 for the base system. All CMX software includes complete source code, no royalties on shipped products, and free technical support/updates.

About Cyan Technology eCOG1
Using an innovative 16-bit core originally developed by Cambridge Consultants Limited, Cyan Technology’s microcontroller offers an impressive ratio of performance to power consumption. The core, based on a compact Harvard RISC architecture, offers a synchronous serial emulation interface that supports non-intrusive application development, debugging and testing. To enable developers to fully test and debug their eCOG1 applications in a customizable environment, Cyan Technology provides engineers with one of the most comprehensive development toolkits in the industry: the eCOG1 development board and free eCOG1 software development tools which include an assembler, verified C compiler, software simulator and in-circuit emulator/debugger.

About CMX Systems (
Since its inception in 1990, CMX Systems has focused on providing its customers with all of the tools needed to program their embedded applications. The company’s core business is to develop and support real-time, multi-tasking operating systems (RTOS) and TCP/IP stacks for a wide variety of 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microcomputers, microprocessors, and digital signal processors. The company's CMX-RTXTM, CMX-RTXSTM, and CMX-Tiny+TM real-time multi-tasking operating systems support more than 40 processor families and over 30 C-compiler vendors. CMX also develops and supports products that enhance the user's ability to create, test and debug application code, including CMXKAwareTM, CMXBugTM, and CMXTrackerTM. CMX TCP/IPTM, a full-featured TCP/IP stack for 16- and 32-bit processors, also is sold by the company. CMX also released CMX-MicroNet, which is a unique TCP/IP stack that is targeted for 8-bit processor target platforms. In addition to developing RTOSes, debugging tools, and networking software, CMX also distributes a wide variety of C tools, including compilers, assemblers, linkers, librarians, simulators and ROM debuggers from many well-known manufacturers.

About Cyan Technology (
Cyan Technology was formed in 2000 as a spin-off of Cambridge Consultants Ltd (CCL). The company enjoys competitive advantage through its advanced 16-bit technology, which is the result of ten years of research within CCL, significantly enhanced to address the needs of the embedded communications market. Within two years of Cyan Technology’s formation, the company has brought to market a low-power 16-bit flash microcontroller with real-time in-circuit emulation.

Cyan Technology’s multipurpose microcontroller meets extremely low-power requirements at the best price-performance ratio available. This 16-bit product fills a significant gap in the market, providing the processing power required for embedded communications applications at less cost and lower power than 32-bit processors, thereby reducing system cost and extending battery life. The chip’s unique features complement hand-held battery-powered applications, such as PDAs and web-enabled phones, plus a whole range of embedded communications devices, such as set-top boxes, Internet-enabled appliances, and intelligent sensors.

Cyan Technology is funded by ET Capital, Cambridge Gateway and NIF Ventures of Japan. Cyan’s international distribution partners include Broadband Technology in the UK and Northern Europe and MetaTech in Asia. US representatives will be announced shortly.

CMX-RTX, CMX-RTXS, CMX-Tiny+, CMXKAware, CMXTracker, CMXBug, CMX TCP/IP, and CMX-MicroNet are trademarks of CMX Systems, Inc. eCOG1 is a trademark of Cyan Technology.

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