HIVE 3:1/3 U Server for Multi-function and Space Saving

8/19/2002 - Kontron, a leading global embedded computer company, announced the newest high-density server HIVE 3 3 independent servers in 1U. It enhances 1U levels of performance, scalability and serviceability as well as reduces total cost.

"There are many different 1U rack mount server on the market, but the HIVE 3 offers some distinct advantages for the Internet appliance user," said Joy Yang, Marketing Manager of Kontron Asia. "Unlike 1U server that have 1 system inside, the HIVE 3 features 3 independent servers in 1U (1.75" height). Each of the 1/3U server delivers the same performance and functionality as 1U server with the advantage of lower cost and higher manageability. It allows IT departments, web operators, ISPs, ASPs and telecom companies and e-business the ability to fit up to 126 servers in an industry-standard 19" EIA rack." Joy added.

HIVE 3 was designed and developed by Kontron Asia. "In talking with our customers, weve learned that Internet server tend to space optimization, power saving and manageability without sacrificing performance." "So, we designed the HIVE 3 to create a new category of rack mount server" said Joy Yang.

Lower Power Consumption
Due to Kontron embedded technology, each of HIVE 3s server use less power than an 85-watt light bulb. Users can save up to 52% compared to standard 1U server using 180~260 watt. It is not only reducing power cost, but also increase system reliability in server farm.

Compact Form
Since HIVE 3s 1/3U compact form actually fits 3 times more server in 1U than a standard 1U server, users can save up to 67% on the data center rental cost. In addition, HIVE 3 with 480mm deep could fit on 650mm cabinet for automation or enterprise application.

Multi Systems Application
With three servers in 1U, HIVE 3 also offers the flexibility that customers want and compatibility with variable application they need to use. HIVE 3 is a robust Internet server, which could be used as web, e-mail, firewall or other front-end server.

High Management
HIVE 3 features include removable CD-ROM, dual front access USB Port and dual Intel LAN for trucking and redundant, it is designed for high manageability especially for server farm operators.

Hive 3 is available now, and customers can place orders through the Kontron ( It comes in two standard configurations (platform and system), or can be customized to meet specific customer requirements.

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