Accessory for PCI/PXI Cards Delivers Analog Outputs to 100V/Channel

8/15/2002 - An innovative accessory from UEI, the PD-AO-AMP-100 allows PCs to directly control outputs as high as 100V, and at slew rates that keep up with update rates as high as 100 kHz.

Its now possible to generate analog signals at levels as high as 100V from a PCI- or PXI-based card thanks to the PD-AO-AMP-100. This outboard accessory ties directly to one of UEIs analog-output cards for the PCI or PXI bus, and it delivers 10 mA/channel across 16 channels. All 16 outputs are protected against shorts to ground. Key specs include 3 mV accuracy, 125V/usec slew rate, settling time of 3 msec to 0.003% and 1-MHz gain bandwidth. Because of these specs, the amplifiers can work even with UEIs high-speed analog output card, which can generate analog waveforms across multiple channels at rates to 100k samples/sec. No other supplier of PC-based products offers analog outputs at this voltage level, much less to speak of this speed.

To configure the peak output level for each channel individually, engineers find the proper combination of gain settings on both the source PCI/PXI card as well as on the AMP-100. This setup allows customers to take advantage of UEIs full palette of support software yet run at high output levels. To power these analog outputs, a system needs an external supply, the PSU-AO32G115, which has enough power to drive 32 channels (two AMP-100s).

The subsystem is packaged in a DIN-mountable metal enclosure measuring 2 x 4 x 6
Control signals coming from either 16- or 32-channel cards in a PC or PXI chassis arrive at an AMP-100 over a 96-conductor cable. For 32-channel applications that involve a second AMP-100 unit its not necessary to run control cables from the host PC; instead, a short cable daisychains the two AMP-100 units together and supplies the second box with the necessary signals. Each AMP-100 also supplies a DB37 connector that handles field wiring; users can either configure their own connector/cable/panel arrangement to suit a specific application, or they can spare themselves the inconvenience and instead can purchase a preconfigured cable assembly (PD-CBL-3737) and a compact screw-terminal panel (STP-3716).

Price and Availability
The PD-AO-AMP-100 lists for $4250 and is available from stock.

As do all of UEIs PCI- and CompactPCI/PXI-based products, the AO-AMP-100 ships with a free copy of the PowerDAQ Software Suite CD-ROM. It contains drivers for all variations of the Windows operating system as well as drivers for Linux and realtime Linux. You also get drivers for popular programming languages including Visual Basic, C, Delphi and Kylix. Further, you get drivers that work with all popular test environments including Agilent VEE, TestPoint, DasyLab, Diadem and MATLAB. LabVIEW programmers will benefit from UEIs drop-in replacement VIs, which allow you to port an existing LabView program to work with UEI hardware in a matter of minutes. Going a step further, UEI is the only firm that supplies fully supported drivers that allow you to control a data-acq card from within Linux and even realtime Linux.

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